10 Reasons Golden Retrievers Make the Most Awesome Pets

golden retriever as a pet

Have you been thinking about adding a dog to the family but unsure which breed is for you?

If so, you should consider a golden retriever.

Everyone knows that golden retrievers make wonderful pets. This is why they are consistently among the top 5 most popular dog breeds in the U.S.

So, what makes a golden retriever as a pet so great? We’re here to tell you.

Keep reading to learn the top 10 reasons why golden retrievers make the best pets.

Why You Should Have a Golden Retriever as a Pet

Take a look at the top 10 reasons why golden retrievers are awesome and why you should add one to your family.

1. Loyal

One of the top reasons why people want golden retrievers as pets is their loyalty to their owners. Golden retrievers are known to be among the most loyal pets. Loyalty is instinctual for goldens which is why they make such great partners in the workforce and at home.

Because of their loyalty, you can find multiple stories of golden retrievers protecting and rescuing their families from harm.

Their loyalty also means that you don’t have to worry about them running away and you can rest assured they will be easy to train.

2. Obedient

As mentioned, a golden’s loyalty plays a large role within their obedience. Golden retrievers are also highly intelligent. They learn quickly and they love to please their masters.

A combination of these characteristics gives you a dog that can be trained to the highest potential and that will listen to you almost always. The only time a golden may not show upmost obedient is if it senses danger or is on the hunt. But it is better to let Fido act on his or her instincts in these situations anyway.

3. Friendly and Well-Mannered

One of the best reasons to have a golden retriever as a pet is their friendliness. Golden retrievers instantly make others fall in love with them. They are a very loving breed which means they will make friends with anyone (and other pets, too).

If you’re looking for a dog that will not only be your best friend but will be easy to take in public and to the dog park, then a golden retriever is for you. You won’t have to worry about them attacking other humans or dogs.

4. Hardworking

Golden retrievers are known to be a bit more hardworking than other dog breeds. They often go above and beyond to please their owners. This comes with their attentiveness and loyalty.

The hard work ethic of goldens make them great at advance skills such as hunting, tracking, search and rescue, detecting narcotics, and guiding those with sight impairments. Their hard-working nature is one big reason why golden retrievers are the most common service dogs.

5. Great with Children

If you have children or are planning to have children in the future, there is no better dog breed for your family than a golden retriever.

Golden retrievers are considered one of the most friendly dog breeds for children. love children. They love having a young and energetic companion like them to play and cuddle with.

They are also very gentle. They have exceptional instincts when it comes to knowing when to be gentle and they will look after your children like they are their own.

6. Get Along Well with Other Pets

Because golden retrievers are gentle, loving, and intelligent, they quickly warm up to other animals in the home. This includes cats and smaller pets.

You won’t have to worry about dreadful pet quarrels in your home with a golden retriever. Plus, golden retrievers are protective of their family. This means they will also look out for your other pets.

The best part– you can make sure your golden retriever gets enough outdoor time by taking it to the dog park or on walks without having to worry about aggressiveness or scruffles.

7. Energetic and Playful

Having a golden retriever as a pet means having a playmate, walking and/or running buddy, and someone to keep things lively in the home.

Golden retrievers have a lot of energy, especially when they are puppies. However, their obedience also keeps them from being too hard to handle like some breeds.

With their intelligence, golden retrievers will learn games quickly. Plus, they love water making them super fun to take on your water adventures.

8. Protective

Golden retrievers love their masters and are extremely loyal. This means they are also protective.

Golden retrievers are among the best dogs to have for extra security. Their senses will tell you when there is danger before you recognize it, and they will let you know.

If you’re looking for extra safety on that walking trail or security of your home, a golden retriever is the way to go.

9. Quiet (No Unnecessary Barking)

It can be hard to find large dog breeds that are quiet and calm. But, a golden retriever as a pet is one of them!

As long as golden retrievers are given their time to exercise and roam, they will be calm and collected. You won’t have to worry about your dog barking unnecessarily at other dogs or people unless they are trained to do so.

10. Strong Senses

There is a reason why golden retrievers are often used as service dogs. They have impeccable senses.

Golden retrievers are known for their sense of smell, which can make them great hunting dogs or simply great findings of lost things.

Their smell and hearing will also let you know if there is a danger or something/someone approaching. Some say they can even smell illnesses and disease such as diabetes, cancer, and seizure onset.

Ready to Add a Golden Retriever to the Family?

Golden retrievers are loving, friendly, smart, obedient, loyal, and fun dogs. Having a golden retriever as a pet is the perfect addition to any family, large or small.

For more advice on owning a golden retriever or a dog in general, check out all of our dog advice articles.

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