10 Reasons to Keep Guinea Pigs as Pets

guinea pigs as pets

Considering a guinea pig for your next pet? If not, you should be!

Guinea pigs make excellent pets for discerning pet owners. They are easy to maintain, friendly, long-living, and super fun little pets. These are just some of the reasons why a study found that 87% of households with pets own a guinea pig.

We’re here to tell all the reasons why guinea pig owners love them. Keep reading to learn the best reasons to keep guinea pigs as pets

They Live Longer Than Other Small Pets

While many small pets like rats, gerbils, and hamsters only live a few years, guinea pigs average a five to seven-year life span. Well taken care of guinea pigs can even live for more than 11 years.

Because they live longer lives, a guinea pig is a perfect pet if you want something smaller than a cat or dog. It makes it a great pet for children while they are growing up.

They Stay Healthy Easier

Guinea pigs have an incredible immune system which means they rarely get sick and are less prone to diseases. Their sturdy physiology keeps them healthy which saves you money and prevents any worry that animal diseases will spread to your family or other pets.

Due to their notorious healthy immune systems, guinea pigs are known to have a long lifespan, meaning that you’ll have more time to spend with your precious pet!

They’re Super Easy to Take Care Of

Guinea pigs adapt to their new homes quickly. So, this means less training and relationship building from the start.

They also don’t need as much care compared to say a cat or dog. No need to take them out or take them on walks. No need to clean their cage every day because they don’t make much of a mess. All they need is hay, fresh water, fresh vegetables, and a small about of fortified pelleted food.

In addition, guinea pigs like to have a routine just like humans. They will adapt your schedule, which makes them a great choice for working families.

They’re Friendly and Gentle

The friendliness and gentleness are two of the top reasons why people choose to have guinea pigs as pets. These little creatures will never attack you or your family. And they love to be played with!

Unlike a rat or a hamster, you (and the kids) can cuddle up with your guinea pig and never have to worry.

They’re Fun and They Have Great Personalities (Yep, It’s True)

Guinea pigs build relationships with their family members and love to be the center of attention. They are also a lot of fun.

Like larger animals, guinea pigs have energy that they like to play or runoff. The most adorable part of having guinea pigs as pets is their “popcorning”.

Popcorning refers to a behavior unique to guinea pigs. The animal jumps straight up into the air over and over when it is excited or happy. How cute is that?

In addition to their fun, many people don’t know that guinea pigs also have personalities of their own. These personalities vary from guinea pig to guinea pig, just like larger animals.

When selecting guinea pigs as pets, choose one with a personality that you want. If you’re looking for one to cuddle and take with you places, then you’ll want an outgoing and bold guinea pig. If you’re looking for one that really doesn’t require much attention, then you should get one that is more laid back.

They Can Be Moved Easily

There are perks to having a small animal as a pet. Guinea pigs don’t mind to be carried around. And because of their small size and friendliness, they are easy to take with you anywhere.

They also don’t need much space making them easier to move their cage from one location to another.

They Eat a Simple Vegetarian Diet

If you aren’t too keen on buying live insects or other animals to feed your pet, then a guinea pig is the perfect animal for you. They survive on a purely vegetarian diet. This means no crawly creatures to deal with and a cheaper feed budget.

It also means treats for your guinea pig are easy peasy. Have some extra pineapple laying around? Your little guy will love some. No time to cut something up? Just run outside and grab some fresh grass or dandelion greens!

A vegetarian diet also means fewer unpleasant smells in the cage from either non-eaten food or your guinea pig’s waste.

They Don’t Need Too Much Attention

While guinea pigs love attention, they will not beg you for it and are fine without it. This is very different than some other pets that require regular attention to keep their behavior and mood intact.

With guinea pigs as pets, it’s okay if there are days that you’re just too busy to snuggle and play. You won’t come home to any harsh consequences for it.

They’re Great for Children

Guinea pigs are less fragile than rabbits and less nervous than smaller pets like gerbils and hamsters. This is why they make great pets for children of any age.

Guinea pigs allow children to have a pet they can play with and love on, without the extra responsibilities of a larger animal.

They Even Purr Like Cats

An interesting thing about guinea pigs is that they purr just like cats! When they are happy, you can hear a vibrating sound that sounds like purring. It is especially common for guinea pigs to do this when they are being petted.

In addition to the adorable purring, guinea pigs also make a number of other sounds. Sometimes they will squeal. Males will sometimes make a rumbling sound if they are in the presence of females.

Guinea Pigs as Pets–The Next Best Thing

As you can see, having guinea pigs as pets is pretty awesome. If you’re looking for a pet that is low-maintenance, healthy, clean, fun, and your child’s next best friend, then a guinea pig is perfect for you.

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