Betta Fish As Pets: Why They’re Perfect For Kids

betta fish as pets

Your kid has officially reached the age where he/she is asking (aka begging) you for a pet. Although your little one promises to be as responsible as possible, you know it’s best to start small.

Plus, deep down you know you’re not ready to sign up for possibly having to clean up poop and/or take long walks.

So, what’s the perfect pet for a kid? Two words: betta fish. You know those colorful fish you’ve seen showing off their beautiful tails in your local pet store? Yeah, those are bettas, and they’re not just your average fish

Keep reading to learn why betta fish as pets are the perfect option for kids.

Betta Fish Are Known For Being Tough AKA Not Much Upkeep

Let’s face it, we all have a tragic childhood story about a pet goldfish that only lived for 24 hours after we brought it home.

Luckily, that is less likely to be the case with betta fish.

Known as Japanese fighting fish, bettas have a reputation for being a little more on the, um, durable side. Basically, betta fish don’t require a ton of upkeep.

They don’t need to be kept in a tank with a filter. Some sources say that betta fish should be fed once or twice per day, while others suggest they can be fed three times a week.

Betta fish also won’t leave a mess around your house – which is a huge plus for most people.

Betta Fish Are Beautiful

Most kids will scoff at the idea of having betta fish as pets because, well, fish are boring. But that isn’t the case with betta fish.

Even though you can’t pet them or teach them any commands, they’re bright colors and cool tails make them very fun to look at.

Betta Fish Won’t Break The Bank

If you’re worried about investing too much money in a pet that your kid might accidentally forget to feed, don’t worry.

Betta fish are usually pretty inexpensive. You can get an entire set up (a fish, tank, food, and accessories) for around $30. Most pet stores will have betta fish starter kits that will come with everything you need.

You also won’t have to worry about expensive vet visits.

Betta Fish Are Allowed Where Other Pets Aren’t

Okay, this doesn’t suggest that you should try bringing your betta fish everywhere you go, it simply means that Betta fish are allowed in places that don’t typically allow pets.

If you live in an apartment that has a strict no policy, you can probably still have a betta fish. This could be a dream come true for kids who thought they may never be able to have a pet.

Betta Fish As Pets – Go Out And Get One Already!

Allowing your kid to have a pet of any kind is a big decision. Starting off with something like a betta fish is a great way to ease your kid (and yourself) into the responsibility of pet ownership.

You might even be surprised how well your child is able to take care of his/her betta buddy.

So, are you ready to make that trip to the nearest pet store?

Share your betta experiences below!


Lead Photo by Huy Phan on Unsplash

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