Is A Bark Collar Safe For Your Dog?

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If your dog tends to be on the talkative side, you’ve probably researched lots of ways to curb the constant barking.

One of the solutions you may have come across is a bark collar. These devices are designed to train your dog to stop barking by sending an uncomfortable sensation to your pet’s neck every time they bark.

Bark collars present an easy and affordable solution to what could be a very inconvenient problem. And while there’s no doubt that these collars tend to work as advertised, one important question remains: are they safe?

Before deciding to purchase a bark collar, it’s important to do some research to make sure you’re making the right decision for you and your pet.

Read on to learn if a bark collar is safe for your dog.

Types of Bark Collars


Static Bark Collar: As the name suggests, static bark collars work by sending a small shock to your pet when barking is detected. Most of these collars allow you to adjust the intensity of the shock. Although the thought of your dog being shocked sounds pretty scary, most dogs respond well to this type of collar.

Vibrating Bark Collar: If the thought of shocking your dog just doesn’t sit well with you, vibrating collars are also a good option. Instead of a delivering a shock to your dog when a bark is detected, these collars will vibrate on your dog’s neck. Some models may allow you to adjust the level of the vibration, but customization isn’t as common with the vibrating collars as it is with the static ones.

Spray Bark Collar: Spray collars are becoming increasingly popular, especially among small dog owners. When the collar detects a bark, it lets out a gentle spray near your dog’s nose. The spray is usually made of citronella which is harmless for your dog, you, and the environment.

Ultrasonic Bark Collar: This option is idea for anyone who doesn’t want anything touching or shocking their dog. Ultrasonic bark collars emit a high-pitched noise when your dog barks. These collars are great for puppies who are being trained to control their barking. But if you have an older more stubborn dog, this might not be the best option.


For those dealing with a dog who constantly barks, a bark collar can have several pros:

  • You don’t need to be present to correct the dog’s barking habit.
  • Affordable
  • A quick and easy solution


Some of the negative sides of dog bark collars include the following:

  • Instilling fear in your dog
  • Potentially causing your dog stress
  • No positive reinforcement
  • Your dog’s barking ‘problem’ could be overcorrected

Are Bark Collars Safe?

Ultimately, the answer to the question of whether or not bark collars are safe depends on your dog. There have not been any reported serious injuries or deaths due to use of these collars, but they could cause your pet to become stressed and uncomfortable.

If your dog starts to seem agitated, you should stop using the bark collar immediately.

It’s also important to realize that constant barking is the result of an underlying issue including seeking attention. Before investing in a bark collar, you should address the cause for your dog’s parking and see if it can be corrected another way.

Have You Ever Used A Bark Collar On Your Dog?

If you have personal experience using a bark collar with your pet, share your story in the comments below.

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