Your New Best Friend: 5 Husky Facts to Know Before Adopting

husky facts

Known for their beautiful coats, wolf-like features, and friendly and affectionate nature, Siberian huskies are one of the best dogs you can own.

They are clean, good-natured, playful, and they love to spend time with their human companions. As ideal as they seem, huskies can be a challenge for novice dog owners who are unaware of some of their characteristics.

For this reason, it’s important to do your research before adopting a dog to make sure the breed is the right fit for your family. If you are considering adopting a Siberian husky, here are a few important husky facts you need to know.

1. Huskies Love to Run

One of the interesting facts about Siberian huskies is they are very free-spirited. They can run away if you take them off their leash and they can scale fences that are 6 feet high. They are notorious escape artists, a fact some owners might find challenging.

2. Huskies Shed a Lot

If you’ve ever been around a husky, you know they shed a lot. They have a double coat and shed their undercoat twice a year. This means they don’t require as much bathing but be prepared to be constantly removing hair from your home, car, etc.

3. Huskies Have a Lot of Energy

One of the best tips on how to care for a Siberian husky is to understand they have a lot of energy and need a lot of exercise and space. Huskies are not ideal for apartments or for people who are constantly on the go. If they are not given the space and exercise they need, they may become destructive.

4. Huskies Are Predatory

One of the interesting facts about huskies is they were allowed to roam during the summer in Siberia. This gave them a strong predatory nature and they still need to hunt and roam today. If you have other small pets, it can be difficult to have them living together because your husky may consider them prey.

Of course, this is not always the case as you can see in this blog post.

5. Huskies Need to Stay Cool

A great tip for how to care for a husky is to make sure they are kept in a cool environment.

Because of their origins, Huskies don’t do well in warm environments. They will overheat and become sick very quickly. If you live in a warm climate, be prepared to make sure your Husky is always cool.

Know These Husky Facts Before Adopting

These are the husky facts you need to know if you are considering adoption.

Huskies have a lot of energy and they will use it to escape and prey on small animals. They are intelligent and stubborn so training them takes a lot of time and effort. Be prepared to deal with a lot of shedding and make sure you can keep them in a cool environment.

Huskies are great pets as long as you are aware of the potential challenges before going through the adoption process.

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