Tips For Leaving A Puppy Alone While At Work

leaving a puppy alone while at work

You finally did it!

After months of deliberating (and maybe even hours trying to convince your significant other), you finally decided to adopt an adorable little puppy.

So far, everything’s been going great. You’ve been bonding with your new fury friend – and you’ve even taught fido a little trick. But there’s only one problem – you have no idea what you’re going to do with your puppy when you leave the house.

Leaving a puppy alone while at work can be nerve-racking for you and your dog. However, the proper precautions can put your mind at ease and make sure your pet is as comfortable as possible while you’re away.

Read on to learn some tips for leaving a puppy alone while at work.

Tire ‘Em Out

An idle mind is a puppy’s playground.

Some dogs can develop anxiety from being left alone. Or, they can simply get bored.

Before leaving the house every morning, try to take your dog on a long walk to get him/her tired.

Not only will this exercise be good for your pet, but if your dog is tired after a nice long walk, he/she will be less likely to bark and/or destroy things while you’re gone.

Give Your Puppy His/Her Own Space

One of the worst things you can do when leaving a puppy alone while at work is allowing the dog to have free reign of the house.

Instead, you’ll want to create a dedicated space for your pet. You can set up a small space in a room, but lots of people prefer to use a crate. This ensures that the dog won’t be able to get into anything that can hurt him/her or damage your home.

Make sure you leave toys and a bed – and maybe even something that smells like you.

Get In A Routine

Dogs love routines, and having a set schedule will make things easier for you too.

Be sure that you are walking and feeding your dog around the same time every day before you leave for work.

Knowing what to expect will help cut down on your dog’s anxiety about being left alone.

Having a schedule will also help with potty training your pup.

Have Someone Check-In On Your Puppy

In a perfect world, everybody would be able to come home and walk their dog on their lunch break. Better yet, they’d be able to bring their dogs to work. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case for most working adults.

A puppy can typically only ‘hold it’ for as many hours as they are old. So, for example, a 2 month old puppy can probably only go about 2 hours without having to use the bathroom.

Since most people work for more than just a few hours at a time, this could potentially be a problem.

If you can come home to walk your dog during the day, you definitely should.

If you can’t you should ask a friend/family member to come check on your puppy during the day. Hiring a dog walker can also be a great option.

Understand Accidents Happen

Your puppy is going to have a few accidents here and there, and that’s okay.

Patience is the key when leaving a puppy alone while at work.

Getting used to being home alone all day may be an adjustment for your puppy – and his/her tiny bladder might not be able to make it through a full day without having to pee.

Make sure you have cleaning supplies on hand to take care of any messes that may pop up.

Photo by Itay Kabalo on Unsplash

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