Sit, Stay, Speak: The Importance of Puppy Training for Your Best Friend

puppy training

Did you know that around 10 million pets go missing in America every single year?

An obedient pet is a lot less likely to run off on its own, for instance. This is one reason why you should consider training your puppy as soon as you get them.

Are you wondering why it’s worth the time and effort? Keep reading to learn all about the importance of puppy training for your best friend.

1. The Earlier, The Better

It’s crucial to start obedience training while the dog is young. That way, everything you taught them will turn into a habit rather than a passing fad.

The last thing you’d want is for them to run away from you during a trip to the beach, for example. They could end up getting lost, hurt by a car, or worse.

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2. Socialize Them Over Time

Puppy socialization is extremely important, especially when kids are involved. Children can get very excited about dogs. However, all their touching, kissing, and cuddling could be stressful for a dog who isn’t used to such contact.

This is why it’s good to acclimate them slowly rather than all at once. Younger kids are more unpredictable, so you should limit their time with the puppy to a few minutes at a time at first. As the puppy gets acclimated, then you can increase the playdates to 10 minutes, 20 minutes, and so on.

Even high-energy dogs need time to get used to a high-energy child.

3. It Increases Enjoyment

Are you still on the fence about puppy training classes? You’ll be glad to know that training with your dog has shown to increase the bond between the owner and the pet.

In fact, a well-behaved dog will be able to enhance your enjoyment rather than giving you a headache as you clean up their messes.

4. It Makes Things Safer

When leash-training a puppy, you’ll get full control over them. This is important as you’re walking your dog in a highly populated area.

If you don’t have control over them, then they could get away from you and bite a person or attack another dog. These kinds of incidents can hurt people and could also result in a lawsuit.

While training can take a lot of time and money, it’s a lot less than having to shell out money after being sued.

Are You Ready to Get Puppy Training?

Now that you’ve learned all about the importance of puppy training, you can make sure that your dog has all of the structure and discipline they need. That way, you won’t have to worry about them biting a neighbor or peeing all over your baseball card collection.

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