7 Ways to Be Better Pet Parents to Your Fur Babies and Fur Friends

pet parents

Pets can be a great addition to any household. If you’re considering becoming pet parents, there are some things you should know first! Around sixty-seven percent of US households contain pets.

Check out these tips for pet parents that will keep your pets refreshed. These tips will help keep you engaged and organized so you can stay ahead of the curve when facing any pet obstacles.

Make A-List

Make listed items of the essentials for your pet. This can help you keep track of your pet care needs when you’re rushing out of the house. These items include the essential items that your pets need to maintain their lifestyle.

These items include specific kinds of foods, enclosures, feeding dishes, and sleeping arrangements. Be sure to also include any equipment used outdoors or important routine items like medicine.

Types Of Food

Certain pets prefer a certain type of food. Make sure that you provide enough for every single day that you’ll be gone. But, make sure there’s an additional two days worth of food in case of any kind of delay.

Your pet may also prefer a certain flavor or ingredient in his or her’s food. So be sure to know which stores keep fresh stock.

Maintaining An Enclosure

If you are the pet owner of a smaller mammal their entire home should be routine maintenance. Also, when leaving the home for a period of time, their entire home should go with them.

You should also make sure that the pet has sufficient toys or water supply to keep them active. Be sure to bring this equipment for any long stays as well.

Food And Water Dishes

Your pet may not only have a food preference, but they may also prefer a certain type of food or water bowl as well. If their dishes or water bowls are relocated, whether inside or outside of the home, they need to stay consistent.

Be sure to keep a distinct kind of food and water bowl for your pet. If you travel elsewhere, carry that same food and water bowl with you.

Outdoor Safety Equipment

A lot of pets enjoy venturing outdoors. Make sure your pet has its proper safety harnesses and leashes so they can safely enjoy the outdoor activities.

If you have a very active pet, you may want to consider buying a long retractable leash.


It’s a plus for pet owners to have familiar pet toys. These toys will help pet owners engage in playful activity with their pets.

Toys given will bring another familiar sense of joy that will be associated with the toy. These can help the pet have memorable and happy behaviors. Check out these gifts for french bulldog owners if you’re looking for an affordable gift option for your pup.

Arrange a Sleeping Spot

Your pet needs their own sleeping spot, especially if they’re not consistently in the same enclosure. Pets should have their own blanket, pillow, or crate is a necessity for dogs and cats. But, dogs prefer to have a comfortable steady sleeping spot.

If traveling, make sure to bring something like a blanket or clothing item from home. This can carry the same scent of your home so they can have that familiarity and comfort.

Pet Parents

These tips for pet owners will give you a consistent daily routine that will keep their needs satisfied.  These tips will help not only pet owners but will soothe the anxieties of the pet as well.

Be sure to make a list, and follow the routines you build and the raising of a pet will become a far less daunting task. Looking for more tips on how to raise your fur baby? Check out our blog post on how to make your newly adopted pet feel at home.

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