5 Common Types of Dog Cancer, Explained

types of dog cancer

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, one in four dogs will develop tumor growth during their life. About 50% of dogs ten and older will develop a form of cancer.

If you have a dog you’ll be interested in learning about the common types of dog cancer. This guide will explain more about these cancers. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Lymphoma Is Common

Lymphoma is a common type of dog cancer. This cancer attacks the lymphatic system and can enlarge lymph nodes throughout your dog’s body.

Lymphoma can occur in any dog bread but is most commonly seen in basset hounds, golden retrievers, saint bernards, and bulldogs. Chemotherapy is the treatment most often used for this type of cancer.

You can try CBD oil for lymphoma in dogs to help your dog when they’re struggling with pain and to help keep their immune system strong.

2. Anal Sac Cancer

Anal sac cancer is another common cancer in dogs. This cancer develops in the glands around your dog’s anus. These glands secrete a scent when your dog goes to the bathroom.

This cancer can spread throughout the body if not caught in time. It can occur in female or male dogs and is most common after your dog turns ten.

3. Hemangiosarcoma Occurs in Later Years

This type of cancer occurs when cancerous cells grow along blood vessels inside your dog. Any breed of dog can develop this cancer. It’s seen in middle-aged and elderly dogs more often.

Vets recommend that you start screening your dogs for this cancer around age five. Since the progression of hemangiosarcoma is slow and symptoms are rare until this cancer has reached the later stages, screenings are vital.

4. Osteosarcoma Is a Type of Bone Cancer

Next on the list of types of cancer in dogs is the common bone cancer called osteosarcoma. Osteosarcoma develops in your dog’s limb bones but it can occur in other bones too.

This cancer tends to spread fast and can affect other parts of the body like the lymphatic system or organs like the lungs.

To remove this cancer the affected bone is often amputated and chemotherapy is administered to prevent this cancer from coming back.

5. Bladder Cancer

The most common tumor that can develop into bladder cancer is called transitional cell carcinoma. This tumor develops inside the muscles of your dog’s bladder wall.

The tumor growth can affect the urethra too, making it difficult for your dog to urinate. Bladder cancer is seen in older female dogs most often. Different types of terriers and beagles are dog breeds more susceptible to developing this type of cancer.

Different Types of Dog Cancer You Should Be Aware of

There are many types of dog cancer. Make sure you’re getting your dogs screened for the types of cancer on this list, early detection is key.

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