10 Things You Didn’t Know About The African Gray Parrot

african gray parrot

The African gray parrot makes an excellent pet to have in your home. They are intelligent and fun companions that you can introduce to your family.

If you live a busy life and need a friend to hang out with, the African gray parrot can be your wingman. They are beautiful, exotic, and smart, so you know that they have the whole package.

Unlike a dog, you will not have to walk them every day. They are loyal and fun to have around. They are impressive birds with many interesting facts that might blow you away.

There Are Two Species of the African Gray Parrot

The Congo African gray is the bird that most people picture when they think of African gray parrot.

They can be distinguished from the other species by their bright red tail and black beaks.

The other species is the Timneh African Grey which is a little bit smaller and has a darker color tail and lighter beak.

Both of these birds have powder down tails, so they have more dandruff than other parrots. This would not be a good pet for asthma patients.

Not All African Grays Will Talk to You

You shouldn’t adopt an African gray just because it can talk. Keep in mind that not all of these birds will talk. However, they will find ways to communicate with their owners.

African Grays Are Intelligent Animals

Have you ever heard about Alex, the African gray parrot?

Alex was adopted by Dr. Irene Pepperburg. He was known to be the smartest and most talkative parrot alive. This bird can count and carry on a conversation with you.

African Gray Parrots Have a Unique Diet

These parrots are prone to vitamin A, D, and calcium deficiency. When this happens, the bird can be susceptible to various health issues.

This is why it’s important to give your African gray a diet rich in vitamin A, D, and calcium. It’s also important to monitor their diet.

These birds are prone to atherosclerosis which is a buildup of plaque within the blood vessels. Make sure to watch their weight and ensure that they get the proper diet and exercise on a daily basis.

African Grays Have Appeared in Popular Media

These birds are so intelligent that they have appeared in a variety of TV shows and movies.

In fact, the main singer of a death metal band called Hate Beak is Waldo the African gray parrot.

African Gray Parrots Can Be Very Needy

Because African grays are highly intelligent animals, they can easily form a strong bond with their owners.

This bond can be very profound and can lead to an emotionally needy bird. Because of this type of trait, it’s essential that these birds are adopted by owners who can devote a lot of time to socializing and playing with them on a daily basis.

They Need a Lot of Exercises

You can’t just keep these birds cooped up in the cage. You will have to take them out so they can fly and walk around your house.

African grays require a lot of exercise to keep their muscles healthy and toned.

They Can Live for a Long Time

African gray parrots can live up to 80 years old. If you plan on adopting these parrots, it’s important to make sure that you can devote a lifetime to them.

Because they are emotionally sensitive animals, it can be very stressful to transfer them from one owner to another on a constant basis. They do much better in a stable home with the same owner for a lifetime.

You Need to Keep Them Occupied

These parrots need constant mental stimulation. It’s essential to have a variety of toys to keep them entertained and occupied. If they are bored, they can be very disruptive and unpleasant.

They Are Pretty Pricey

You can often find an African gray parrot hanging out at the pet store. These birds cost around $1000-$1500. This is mainly because they are exotic and highly intelligent pets to have.

Is the African Gray Parrot the Right Pet for You?

It’s hard to find a companion with both beauty and brains, but with the African gray parrot, you have the best of both worlds.

These birds make wonderful roommates, companions, and pets.

They are fast learners and research has shown that they are capable of carrying a conversation. With plenty of mental stimulation and exercise, these birds will make an excellent addition to your family.

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