5 Low Maintenance Pets That Are Perfect For Kids

pets that are perfect for kids

Do you remember the fascination you felt towards animals when you were a child? Children often feel a special connection to the animal world, as it represents something completely magical.

Adopting a pet for your child should be one that’s easy to care for. Here are five pets that are perfect for kids:

1. Fish

fish swimming in water

Looking after a fish is pretty easy. Its care involves dropping a few granules of food into their container once a day. And the only clean-up includes changing the water once or twice a week.

There is a drawback to buying fish for children. Since they are so easy to care for, they are easily forgotten once the initial excitement wears off. Be sure to have a plan to keep your child involved in the care of their pet fish.

2. Lizards

lizard starring into the camera

Although lizards require slightly more maintenance than fish, they make ideal pets for children who have fur allergies. You’ll need a 15 to 20-gallon tank set up before bringing your new lizard home.

One of the most common lizards found in pet stores – the iguana – is not the best choice for a child’s pet. They can become aggressive and also require specific dietary and environmental needs.

A better choice would be the leopard gecko, since they remain small (7 – 10 inches), are quite docile and easy to handle. Leopard geckos can be fed every other day and left alone for a weekend.

3. Birds

bird sitting in cage

Thinking about purchasing one of the large, exotic species? Don’t! These birds require a lot of maintenance.

A better choice is a budgie. Budgies are a type of parakeet with an affectionate personality. With very patient handling, they can easily be trained to sit on your finger and will mimic your words.

Other low-maintenance birds include lovebirds, crannies and finches, all which require a simple diet and minimal grooming.

4. Small Rodents

brown hamster

Hamsters, gerbils, and mice are great low-maintenance pets for kids. They require daily food and water, a good-sized cage and some form of exercise, such as a wheel.

Hamsters are solitary creatures, and don’t need other hamsters in their cage. They grow to about six inches in length and live between two and three years.

Gerbils are a bit smaller than hamsters and live about two years. Very social creatures, they will need other gerbils to entertain themselves – and your child. Best of all, gerbils rarely bite.

Mice measure just three inches long, plus a long hairless tail. Although they are a bit more timid than hamsters and gerbils, they can become quite tame if handled properly, even taking food out of your hand.

5. Cats

adorable kitten looking at camera

A cat makes a great pet for children for many reasons. For one thing, they mainly look after themselves. Keep in mind, however, that cats can live up to eighteen years and should be spayed or neutered.

Proper food, clean water and a litter box are the main necessities. Always teach your child the proper handling of a cat to avoid potential scratches.

It’s Time To Welcome Pets That Are Perfect For Kids Into Your Home!

Many parents choose to introduce a family pet as a way of teaching their children compassion and responsibility. Which one of these pets would you choose?

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