The Pet Lover’s Guide To Cleaning Cat Hair In Your Home

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Cat hair seems to have this supernatural ability to get everywhere in your home. You’ll find it on your suitcase, on your black clothing, even on your tubes of Chapstick.

When you leave the house people always know you own pets, pointing out the cat hair on you missed on your jacket sleeve as you were getting ready for work that morning.

Of course, you try your best to clean the cat hair up, but sometimes paper towels and vacuuming aren’t enough to get that stubborn clump of cat hair out of the carpet or those annoying hairs off your favorite chair.

Here are some tips for catching that last bit of cat hair that you can’t quuuuiiiitteee seem to get all the time in your home:

Get a Pumice Stone

These blocks of hardened lava foam are useful for more than just removing dry skin off your feet at the nail salon. If you rub it gently over your carpet the cat hair will stick right to it.

The hair should be easy to peel off and throw away from the stone. If you find the hair not sticking well enough, try spraying a little water on the pumice stone.

Pumice stones are cheap and can be found in the toiletries section of most stores.

Put Your Old Croc Shoes to Use

While Crocs have fallen out of fashion for some people, they have another life in the cat hair cleaning business.

Spray some water on the bottom of a Croc and slide it over your carpet and the cat hair will stick to it.

If you don’t own any Crocs that is fine; any kind of plastic shoe/sandal will work. To speed up the process you can use both shoes at the same time, using one in each hand.

The added bonus of using a plastic shoe is that you have the option of using either your hands or feet to clean!

Break Out the Dishwashing Gloves

Those rubber gloves you keep under your sink are great for cleaning cat hair off of furniture and other cloth surfaces.

Just wet them a little and sweep them over the surface; the cat hair should stick to them. Plus they are inexpensive, multi purposeful, and easy to find.

This is a good method if you want to clean sensitive materials like leather or stuffed animals.

Get a Squeegee

No, seriously, get a squeegee.

If you attach a squeegee head to an old mop handle, you have a great new tool for getting embedded hair out of heavy carpeted areas of your house relatively quickly.

Just comb the rubber blade through your carpet and gather all the cat hair that gets pulled up.

Run your vacuum over the carpet afterwards to catch any extra hairs and you’ll have a cat hair free carpet. This is an especially good tool if you have thick, heavy carpet or have a lot of carpet space to clean.

Embrace Lint Rollers

Lint rollers have been cleaning lint off our clothes since 1955.

Most cat owners are already well-accustomed to these, but they can be used for more than getting hair off your clothing.

Lint rollers are a safe, gentle way to get hair off of suitcases, gym bags, pursues, furniture, bedding, and just about anything else you can think of.

They can be found in most stores easily enough, and depending on what brand you get are not that expensive.

Be Prepared for Shedding Season

Different cats have different times of the year when they shed more than usual.

Most felines have a shedding season in the summer to get rid of their winter coat and stay cooler in the higher heats.

When this time comes around, take the necessary precautions: let the cat outside more, brush them more often, designate some spaces as “cat-free” in your house, and stockpile on lint rollers and any other cleaning supplies you may need.

A Clean Home Is A Happy Home

Have a helpful tip for cleaning your cat’s hair in your home? Leave a comment about it in the response section below!

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