No Space? No Problem: Chinchillas Are the Perfect Pets For Apartments

pets for apartments

On any given day pets add companionship, humor, personality, and tons of fun. But if you live in an apartment, your choice of pets may be quite restricted.

Your landlord may frown on tenants that have pets most likely because most pets can be noisy, destructive, and leave an odor. Not chinchillas!

That’s why they are the perfect apartment pet. Not only that, chinchillas are cute, small, and quite an out of the ordinary companion.

Breeders of chinchillas will get you set up with their cage, food, and other care items.

These furry little guys make no noise, other than an occasional quiet bark if they sense danger.

Their droppings consist of dry apple seed-like pieces that absolutely do not give off any odor.

So now that you’ve convinced your landlord that chinchillas are perfect pets for apartments, what kind of pet do they make?

Lovable Disposition

For one thing, you won’t find a softer or cuddlier pet than a chinchilla. And like most exotic animals, if handled from a young age, they bond very closely with their human owners.

Chinchillas originate from the South American Andes Mountains, so they prefer apartments that are kept on the cool side.

They come in several colors such as gray, white, beige and black and measure about ten to fourteen inches, adding five or six inches when including their tail.

Clean and Odor Free

Surprisingly, chinchillas bathe in dust to keep their coat silky and smooth. Pet stores sell this bath item, or you can use cornstarch or corn meal added to a shallow dish.

Their diet should consist of chinchilla or guinea pig chow and alfalfa hay. Be sure to keep them supplied with water and cardboard or lava rocks to chew on. As you can see, even their food has no odor!

Your neighbors will never hear your little balls of fur as they run around your apartment. But since they chew on just about everything, it’s best to provide their out-of-cage recreational time in a contained area, such as your bathroom.

Low Maintenance, but Not Ideal for Kids

Although chinchillas have many traits that make them an ideal apartment pet, they’re not suited for everyone. Small children may squeeze them too tight, or they’ll wriggle and jump out of their arms.

On the upside, chinchillas are very low-maintenance pets. They also have exceptionally long lifespans in comparison to other rodents, typically living up to fifteen years or more.

Quick Learners

Chinchillas are fairly easy to train, especially when rewarded with a food treat (offered in moderation).

If your goal is to train them to come to you and/or sit on your shoulder, hold a single raisin or piece of oatmeal in your hand until they associate the treat with the goal.


One last thing to consider is whether to keep one or two chinchillas. They will do well either way, although keeping two same-sex chinchillas will certainly keep them happy socially.

You’ve Found The Perfect Pets for Apartments!

So please share your new-found information on the perfect apartment pet with others. Or at least add a comment below!

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