The 10 Best Dwarf Hamster Food Products on the Market

best dwarf hamster food

Dwarf hamsters have quite specific dietary needs. It is very easy to keep them happy and healthy but you need to make sure you are feeding them the best dwarf hamster food.

To take care of your pet and deepen your relationship, you need to provide them with the optimum care that includes vet visits, clean surroundings, fresh water and nutritious food.

Here is a list of the best dwarf hamster food products on the market to keep your hamster happy and healthy.

1. Kaytee Forti Diet Pro Health Hamster Food, 3-Pound

This diet contains natural and rich antioxidants that strengthen the immune system of a hamster.

In fact, the food has DHA Omega 3 that facilitate better functioning of the eyes, brain and heart. Other ingredients in the food package are carrots, ground oats, ground rice, safflower, dried bananas, dehydrated apples and sweet potatoes.

2.SupremePetfoods Tiny Friends Farm Hazel Hamster Tasty Mix (2 Pounds)

Besides being available in different textures, sizes and shapes, Supreme Original

Hazel food is approved by the National Hamster Council. Peanuts, soy and sunflower seeds are some of the ingredients.

3.(2 Pack) Supreme – Harry Hamster 700g

This product is designed to last for a long period of time without going bad. Each of the ingredients has no chemicals/ colours to keep your pet healthy. Finally, this food product is good for the digestive health of your pet.

4.Living World Classic Hamster Food, 2-Pound

This food helps in muscular development because it contains vitamins, minerals and proteins.

The food also has natural fibre and it is also blended with legumes, vegetables, nuts, fruits, roughages, seeds and appetizing grains.

To retain freshness, the Living World is packed with a re-sealable zipper so that you can seal the pack at all times after feeding your pet.

5.Living World Hamster Veggie Treat Sticks, 4-Ounce

The dietary food product is available in the shapes of sticks that are made from high-quality seeds, grains and vegetables that are baked thoroughly.

This food is baked to have an irresistible, crunchy and healthy treat to encourage your pet to feed.

Living world classic hamster food provides excellent nutrition, intensive exercise and the satisfaction of chewing/nibbling to your pet.

The sticks are highly palatable and tasty to ensure that the hamster will digest the food with extreme pleasure and delight.

6.Vitakraft Hamster Strawberry Drops Treat, 5.3 Ounce Pouch

This hamster food has Vitamin D & E and calcium that aids in providing extra energy to support metabolic rate.

The product comes with a re-sealable bag so that it can remain fresh and tasty. Vitakrfat is formulated to offer a delicious taste although it has essential vitamins too. You can use this food as a snack for your pets.

7.Sunseed Vita Prima Sunscription Dwarf Hamster Food, High-Variety Formula – 2 Lbs Size

This food product contains proteins mainly with ingredients like peanuts, eggs and peas being used to add flavour to the food.

Parsley and Spirulina are added to improve your pet’s immune system while grounded flax seeds are used to improve the condition of the skin and coat of your pet.

8.F.M.BROWN’S Encore Classic Natural Hamster Food

This type of food has different shapes, sizes, flavour and textures to choose from depending on what your pet prefers.

Some of the ingredients include wholesome food, grains and veggies. This pack has Zoo Vital Biscuits to satisfy the chewing urge of your hamster and provide essential minerals and vitamin elements.

9.Higgins Sunburst Gourmet Food Mix for Hamsters and Gerbils

This product has vital nutritional elements that are needed for the nourishment of hamsters.

The ingredients used makes the food appropriate to feed mice and gerbils. However, you need to supplement the food with other types of food.

10.Oxbow Animal Health Hamster And Gerbil Fortified Food, 1-Pound

The food has a superb taste that makes it easy for hamsters to feed. In addition, the food is highly nutritious and it encourages a foraging behavior.

Wheat, oats, peas, pumpkin, sunflower seeds, whey, maize etc. are some of the ingredients used to produce this food.

Your Pet Deserves The Best Dwarf Hamster Food

If you have a hamster, you need to research to know the right type of food to feed him/her.

On the other hand, if you have a picky eater or you don’t know whatever you are feeding your pet the right type of food, you need to read reviews on the best hamster food on the market.

You can start by choosing balanced food that has veggies, fruits and grains at first and then get recommendations from an experienced vet.

It is important to understand that your pet’s health and budget can determine the type of food you will buy from the store.


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