The Top 10 Sensitive Stomach Dog Food Brands

Sensitive Stomach Dog Food

Some dogs suffer from sensitive stomachs just like human beings. Although a sensitive stomach may indicate a more serious issues, oftentimes, a simple change in diet can make a world of difference.

But it’s not easy to find the best dog food for sensitive stomachs because you will have to scan all the ingredients in each product. This can be time-consuming especially if it is your first time.

This article will help you understand more about the sensitive stomach dog food in the market today.

1.Canidae All Life Stages Dog Dry Food Chicken, Turkey, Lamb & Fish Meals Formula

The food has a wide range of ingredients with different varieties of rice being listed as its first ingredients.

Brown rice, white rice and rice bran are some of the rice varieties listed. This shows that, instead of protein, rice is the primary ingredient.

This is very helpful because rice is highly digestible and hence good for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

2.Whole Earth Farms Grain Free Recipe with Pork, Beef & Lamb Dry Dog Food (4 LBS)

The food contains proteins from multiple sources rather than from a single source to ease digestion.

The ingredients used are highly nutritious and digestible. In addition, it contains vitamins and minerals to boost nutritional levels.

3.Avoderm Natural Adult Dry Dog Food, Chicken Meal & Brown Rice Formula 15-Pounds

For dogs with a sensitive stomach, the AvoDerm natural chicken formula can be an ideal choice because it has high-quality protein sources i.e. chicken as well as highly digestible carbohydrates.

The formula does not have soy, corn or wheat ingredients all of which are known to cause stomach upsets.

4.Wellness Simple Natural Wet Canned Limited Ingredient Dog Food, Lamb & Oatmeal, 12.5-Ounce Can (Pack Of 12)

Although it is a wet food, it has a high content of meat. In fact, turkey broth, potatoes and turkey are the first three ingredients on the list.

The food has around 10 ingredients with vitamins and mineral as extra ingredients to boost nutrition.

This type of food has other variants to provide dog owners with variable options when choosing. Some of these variables are the duck, lamb, oatmeal, salmon, peas and potato.

5.Whole Earth Farms Grain Free Hearty Turkey Stew Canned Dog Food 12*12.7oz

The food contains high-quality proteins and delicate carbohydrates mainly.

However, protein is the first ingredient flowed by easily digestible carbohydrates that include peas, carrots and sweet potatoes. Olive oil, salmon oil, eggs and Chelated minerals are additional ingredients to make the food more digestible.

6.Wellness Simple Natural Dry Limited Ingredient Dog Food, Lamb & Oatmeal, 26-Pound Bag

This is a high-quality dry dog food with limited ingredients which can be very helpful to dogs that have food allergies or intolerance to certain foods.

In most cases, dogs lack stomach problems when fed with food that has fewer carbohydrates and fillers.

Wellness simple natural limited food provides exactly what you need with an added advantage of variable flavours to choose from.

7.Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Canned Wet Dog Food, Grain Free, Chicken And Sweet Potato Formula, 13-Ounce (Pack Of 12)

Just like other limited dog foods, this type of food lacks grain and highly digestible food components such as pumpkin.

Instead, carbohydrates that are highly digestible are used to ensure that your dog does not develop any stomach upsets after feeding on the food.

Sweet potatoes and brown rice are some of the carbs used to curb stomach issues in dogs.

8.Holistic Select Natural Dry Dog Food, Chicken Meal & Rice Recipe, 30-Pound Bag

The food is complex nutrition wise because it has digestive enzymes, fibers and probiotics.

Holistic select naturally dry food has numerous sources of proteins with chicken fat and chicken meal being primary ingredients.

Active probiotics, digestive enzymes and health fibers help your dog digest food properly.

9.Merrick Grain Free Real Chicken & Sweet Potato Dry Dog Food, 25 Lb.

Apart from containing all the proteins your dog might need, Merrick grain dog food has digestible carbohydrates that are easy to digest.

The grain-free recipe does not have soy, wheat or corn ingredients which are known to cause problems to dogs with delicate digestive systems.

10.Blue Basics Limited Ingredient Diet Adult Grain Free Turkey & Potato Dry Dog Food 24-Lb

Blue buffalo basics uses protein from only one source. This means that, it can either be turkey, salmon, lamb or chicken and can never mix two or more proteins in a single meal.

This is helpful to dogs that have a delicate stomach because they can easily digest the single protein in the food.

However, Blue Buffalo Basics has other ingredients such as pumpkin, oatmeal and brown rice to supplement the proteins.

Which Sensitive Stomach Dog Food Is Best For Your Pet?

The sensitive stomach dog food brands above have received positive feedback from pet owners and they have been recommended by veterinarians.

Therefore, they are good for dogs that have sensitive stomachs regardless of the cause.

Finally, it is important to understand that your pet’s diet can cause stomach problems. Hence, change your dog’s diet or consult with a vet when your dog has digestion problems.

Do you have anymore advice on how to pick the best dog food for sensitive stomachs? Share in the comments below.

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