The 10 Best Gerbil Toys for Your Furry Friend

gerbil toys

Gerbils might be small, but they tend to have very big personalities. Generally, Gerbils love to chew, dig, play and explore fearlessly.

Their uniqueness is great, especially when compared to hamsters with a tunnel extensive building and with high levels of overall sociability. That said, it’s important that your gerbil have the accessories it needs in order to live a happy and healthy life. Keep reading to see the 10 gerbil toys your pet will love.

1. Kaytee Tree Pet Life Habitat Accessory

It is among the most multifunctional toy that any person may ever come across. This toy covers three major bases which include eating, sleeping, and exercising. They come in great options especially when one has made a selection on the kind of gerbil toys that they wish to install.

The main reason why people rely on the use of these toys is because of their great compact nature. You are required to ensure you get to add some food in the gerbil’s cage.

When you get to do this, you will be ready to start using it. Besides, Kaytee has simplified life since it comes with detachable bowls that are simple to clean.


This is the best wheel that is in wide use by many Gerbils. When you have a pet that is full of energy and you get to visit the market to acquire a wheel, you should settle for the Exotic nutrition wheel.

These are wheels that are big enough and squeak-free and thus guide many gerbil toys to get the chance to exercise together. Again, it has no central axle and also features a solid back.


  • Suits the different cage setups
  • Construction process is almost silent
  • Accommodates different gerbils


  • Expensive while compared to other toys

3. Small Pets Niteangel Suspension Bridge – Great Gerbil Ladder

In the case of the Fun Tunnel, you will find that Suspension Bridge whose source is Niteangel guides in the creation of different forms of setups and challenges to one’s gerbils. This Suspension Bridge gerbil toy comes with a bonus that helps it to fit in the gerbil’s cage inside and thus get to lay even while unsupervised.


  • Multi-level and unique adventures
  •  Sturdy and quality construction
  • Safe chewing destructible materials


  • Some people find it to have an unpleasant smell

4. Kaytee Nut Best Gerbil Knot Nibbler Toy

If you have a gerbil that loves chewing, you require the services of a Knot Nut Nibbler. There is a snack and a puzzle that helps the gerbils to chomp and at the same time get to pull apart while they get to bury the deconstructed treasure for many hours.


  • Cheerful and bright
  • Offers a mental stimulation
  • Simple to move while deconstructed


• Becomes messy while pulled apart

5. Nature’s Hideaway Prevue Hendryx 1092 Grass Tunnel Gerbil Toy

This is a toy that has an exciting overall look. As you use this toy, you will be certain that your Gerbils will love nibbling, hiding, and burrowing all the possibilities that are provided. Besides, they are easily edible, and thus there is no need to worry about their likelihood of wearing out.

This implies these gerbil toys are not best for people who wish to observe their gerbils as they play. If you want a budget-friendly option, these products are ideal both for the old and young gerbils.


  • Easy and light for gerbils
  • Easily edible
  • Cheap


  • Doesn’t last too long

6. Ware Manufacturing Fun Tunnels Play Tube for Small Pets

If you love to play freely with gerbils, the best option for you is the WareFun product. These are products that come in a flexible design.

As a result, you will get to twist the different adventure sources for exploration by the gerbils as they get to exercise.

Since there is a need to bend, gerbil toys come with thin plastic. This implies that your gerbils will only get to play only while under supervision.


  • Setup is quick
  • Great flexibility


  • Does not fit in the cage

7. Small Animal House

With this house, you will get the chance to observe as the gerbils get to adventure, tunnel, and climb with the playhouse with multi-levels.

This implies that these gerbil toys are perfect, particularly for use by gerbils who wish to climb, explore and acquire a lot of physical and mental stimulation.


  • Offers a lot of fun
  • Keeps the teeth healthy
  • Log-cabin and cute design


  • Has no given anchor points

8. Kaytee Woodland Older Gerbils Get-A-Way Toy

The old gerbils are lesser active. When you use these toys, you will ensure they are more comfortable and active. They come with a fuss-free and simple design that is ideal for the old gerbils to access the entrance with more ease.

You may as well consider pampering them using a dust bath through a pop of sand or dust which is a form of a spa-style treat.

It is simple for one to clean since the product comes with a simple design that is floor-free. Their wood has a great capacity for absorbing urine and is thus likely to smell after some time.


  • Simple to clean
  • Comes in a simple design
  • Comes in different sizes


  • Absorbs all urine

9. Kaytee Chew-Moji Ka-Bob

If you wish to purchase gerbil toys that will last, this is the most ideal choice for you. It features chewable and cute tinkling bells and emoji faces. Thus, they guide the gerbils to signal to you when treat time comes to pass.

When you finish chewing, make sure you get to rethread the snack for a dental chew with the ability to last long. When you come across gerbils that live in the bedroom, a bell toy is not the most ideal choice for you.


  • Metal holder is reusable
  • Emoji design is funny
  • Simple design is ideal for all age gerbil


  • Bell is noisy

10. Mayfair Gerbilarium Little Friends Cage

Here is the best all-in-one little gerbils house that any person may ever come across. These gerbilariums are attractive and have a lot of things on their inside. You will find there are food and beddings whose role is to ensure the gerbils get to start using them immediately.

There are metal toppers and glass bases whose role is to ensure that your chew and furry friends will not become loose after a short time. Their ramps are wooden and have a different form of accessories whose destruction takes place eventually.


  • Metal design
  • Secure
  • High-quality multi-level ramps


  • Chewable ramps

Your Pet Deserves the Best Gerbil Toys

You now have a list of the best gerbil toys in the market. It is high time you determine the toy that best meets your different desires and thus make your order. You will find these toys to be beneficial because they ensure the gerbils are safe at all times.

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