6 Common Backyard Birding Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Did you know that 20% of the US population are birdwatchers and around 57 million people feed wild birds in their gardens? Birdwatching is much more popular than people think.

If you want to participate in this hobby, you need to know how to attract birds to your yard. First, you’ll want to know backyard birding mistakes to avoid.

Keep reading to learn out six of them.

1. Infrequent Feeder Cleaning

One of the main backyard birding mistakes that you don’t want to make is infrequently cleaning the feeders.

Feeders need a regular cleaning routine, about every two weeks is the general rule. However, in wet weather, clean the feeder more often to avoid fungus and bacteria.

A suet feeder is easy to take apart for proper cleaning. All you need to use is soap and hot water.

2. Using Low-Quality Seed

Low-quality seed might be improperly stored or cheap in which both can lead to serious problems. Cheap bird food has a lot of filler that ends up on the ground, not only wasting your money but also attracting rodents.

Black oil and striped sunflower seed are always safe bird feed options. Keep these seeds stored in a dry place and use the freshest form possible.

3. Forgetting Water

Food for birds is important, but birds seek out water to drink and bathe in. Place a birdbath near feeders to attract more backyard birds to the area.

Change the water regularly to keep it fresh and clean. For winter backyard birding, use a birdbath heater to prevent the formation of ice. Avoid anti-freeze because it can cause death in birds.

4. Poor Feeder Placement

Bird nesting areas and feeder placement are important for bird attraction. Backyard birds enjoy sheltered areas where they can perch.

Place a feeder close to a cover spot without actually covering the feeder entirely. Hang a feeder from a strong tree branch far enough off of the ground for best results.

5. Using Harmful Pesticides

If you use pesticides to get rid of insects, you can cause harm to backyard birds. Pesticide exposure can disorient birds, reduce their ability to avoid predators, and cause them to lose weight.

Insects are good for birds so avoid pesticides. Attracting birds to your yard can help you get rid of insects naturally.

6. Not Enough Variety

If you want bird diversity in your backyard, use a variety of feeders. The most common types of feeders include:

  • Fruit feeders
  • Suet feeders
  • Tube feeders
  • Platform feeders
  • Nectar feeders

Make sure you buy feeders without areas that birds can get stuck in.

Backyard Birding Mistakes to Avoid

Avoiding backyard birding mistakes is easy when you have the right equipment and information. If you use this guide as a reference, you’ll have everything you need to attract birds to your yard.

Clean your feeders often, buy the best seeds, and place your feeder in a protected and high spot. Don’t forget other important accessories like birdbaths and you’ll be set!

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