6 Common Dog Behavior Problems (And Their Easy Fixes)

dog behavioral problems

Did you know that 67% of American households have at least one dog?

While pets are beloved members of the family, there are still plenty of unwanted dog behaviors that can create problems in the house. The good news is that many of these issues can be corrected with some training and patience.

So what are the most common dog behavioral problems? Keep reading to learn about 6 things you should look out for in your pet.

1. Begging

Begging is one of the top dog food behavior problems that can drive pet parents nuts. The cause is often that someone in your household has fed the dog scraps while sitting at the table before. To fix this issue, it’s a good idea to feed your dog at the same time you eat and ensure no one in your house gives the dog any food while at the table.

2. Chewing

If your dog is chewing on furniture and other things in your home can lead to some expensive damage. Chewing is often caused by teething when dogs are still puppies or boredom.

A simple remedy for puppies is to wet an old rag, freeze it, then give it to your puppy to munch on to soothe their gums. Dogs that continue to chew into adulthood will need more stimulation and toys to protect your belongings.

3. Barking Too Much

Understanding dog behavior is essential for correcting issues like barking too much. Being too alert, anxious, excited, bored, or attention-seeking are all things that can lead to excessive barking. You can visit this homepage to learn more about dog training and how you can teach your dog commands to settle down.

4. Playing Rough

Dogs adore playtime and sometimes bigger breeds have a hard time controlling themselves. If your dog starts getting too rowdy, all you have to do is stand up and stop engaging with them right away. Soon enough your dog will learn that they need to calm down to keep playing.

5. Separation Anxiety

It’s no secret that dogs have huge hearts, but sometimes their attachment to us can give them pain when we have to leave. Giving your dog something that has your scent on it and not saying goodbye or hi to your dog right as you leave or enter can help them get less anxious.

6. Hyperactivity

Dogs who are hyperactive can often cause lots of commotion in the house. Hyperactivity can often get fixed easily by taking your dogs on long walks and playing more to tucker them out. Hyperactivity is also one of the behavioral problems of a dog in heat, so this can be avoided by getting them fixed at the appropriate age.

Now You Know How to Handle These Dog Behavioral Problems

Dog behavioral problems can be startling and even frustrating when you first notice them. If you’re diligent about correcting these issues or working with a professional trainer, then you can have lots of love and harmony in your household again.

Did you enjoy this article on how to deal with dog behavior problems that pet parents notice most often? If you want to know other ways you can ensure your dog has the best life ever, check out our blog post with tips for taking care of your dog.

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