How to Keep Your House Clean When You Have a Dog

how to keep your house clean

How often should you clean the floor? It depends, but generally speaking, you want to do it every one to two weeks—that’ll keep dust and other allergens from accumulating.

There are exceptions, though. For example, you’ll want to clean more frequently if you have pets. They can track dirt and mud into the house, after all.

Do you have a dog? Looking for a guide on how to keep your house clean? Then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll be going over some helpful tips below so make sure to read the rest of the post!

1. Wipe Their Paws

Make a habit of cleaning their paws every time they come into the house. For example, you can wash them with soap and warm water. Wet wipes work great as well.

It also helps to have a doormat in front of the entrance. It’ll catch some of the dirt from their paws as they walk across.

2. Vacuum Regularly

Invest in a good vacuum cleaner and use it once or twice a week. Ideally, you want something with strong suction that can be used on multiple surfaces.

Tip: Try to get something with a HEPA filter as that’ll prevent the allergens from being released back into the air.

3. Keep Up With the Grooming

Regular grooming can make a big difference. More specifically, you want to brush their fur and trim their nails. Not only that, but you want to bathe them regularly as well. Use a deodorizing shampoo if you have to.

That’ll help remove odors and prevent excessive shedding.

4. Clean Their Belongings Regularly

Clean your dog’s belongings regularly—this includes their bowls, blankets, beds, and toys. They can easily capture odors and make the entire house smell.

Tip: You can get rid of smells by soaking the items in equal parts water and white vinegar.

5. Get Pet-Friendly Furniture

Some furniture is easier to clean than others. Take leather couches, for example, they don’t attract pet hair, which makes them easy to maintain. Other durable materials include canvas, microfiber, and denim.

For more pet-friendly furniture ideas, check out this post.

6. Keep a Stain Remover Handy

It doesn’t matter how well-trained your pup is, accidents happen. That’s why you want to keep a stain remover handy—the sooner you take care of the mess, the better.

For the best results, use an enzyme-based cleaning product. It’ll break down the stains and odors instead of just covering them up.

Knowing How to Keep Your House Clean

And there you have it—a simple guide on how to keep your house clean when you have a dog. It might take a little effort but it’s definitely possible to have a clean home.

Did you find this article helpful? For more pet-related content, be sure to check out the rest of our blog!

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