What Are the Best Pets for Your Family?

best pets

Around 67% of American households have a pet and the three most popular choices are dogs, cats, and freshwater fish.

Having a pet is a fantastic way to teach children responsibility, relieve stress, and make the home a more exciting place. Perhaps you’re currently brainstorming pet ideas but you can’t decide which one to choose.

Sounds familiar? Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the best pets for you.


Getting a kitten is a great idea if you have children. Once they age, cats take care of themselves and provide plenty of cuddles. However, it’s important to note that felines need regular social interaction whether it’s with the neighbor’s kitty or with their owner.

Spoil your feline with toys like laser pointers, balls, or feather danglers to keep them entertained. Also, make sure your pet is getting regular meals and a steady stream of fresh water so they’re hydrated.

Start with a litter tray, especially if you’re raising a housecat, and change it at least once a day as most kitties won’t use a soiled one. You should also regularly groom your cat especially if they’re longhaired.

Note that the best cat breeds with families are Abyssinians, Maine Coons, and Burmese as they are affectionate and love people.


For many families, getting a puppy is a dream as dogs are loyal, loveable companions. Yet, although they’re rewarding pets, many breeds suffer from separation anxiety so be mindful of which type you adopt.

Puppies need socialization early on so take them to the dog park so they can meet new furry friends and humans. Family dogs also need regular exercise and nutrient-rich kibble so they can grow strong and stay healthy.

You must also spay or neuter your pup and regularly groom them. It’s wise to learn how to do basic grooming like washing and trimming their nails to cut down costs.

The best breeds for families are Boxers, Golden Retrievers, and Presa Canarios. If you’re interested in the latter, then learn the history as they’re a fantastic addition to any household.


Not interested in cats or dogs? Then try bringing a bunny into your home.

One thing to consider? It’s important to rabbit-proof every room as they can wreak havoc on your furniture, wires, and even shoes. Bunnies also need plenty of social interaction and a constant supply of hay, water, and veggies.

You should also find entertainment for your rabbit. Let them run around and fill a cardboard box with shredded paper so they can dig, one of their favorite pastimes.

But remember that rabbits go through two serious sheds a year so make sure you regularly groom them and have your vacuum ready.


One of the most popular family pets is fish because they’re low-maintenance and beautiful to watch. Instead of keeping them in a fishbowl, invest in an aquarium so they have plenty of space to swim.

You must also clean the tank daily and check the water temperature so it’s a stable ecosystem. Dot plants and hiding places around the aquarium so they can hide and keep to a regular feeding schedule.

Note that depending on the species, fish need their water changed every two weeks.

Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are a fantastic pet choice as they are gentle and great with kids because they love being held.

Make sure you provide your new pet with plenty of fruit and veggies so they get enough vitamin C as they can’t produce the enzymes themselves. Think melons, kale, and cabbage. But avoid feeding your guinea pig lettuce as it gives them diarrhea.

Let your pet run free, whether it’s indoors or outdoors, so they get their exercise. And if you’ve got a longhaired guinea pig then they’ll need daily grooming to prevent matting.


If you’re after a playful pet, then get a hamster.

You can spend hours watching them spin their wheel or squeeze through colorful tubes in their cage. However, be mindful of the species as each has its quirks. For instance, Syrian hamsters are solitary and must live alone as they’re highly territorial.

Pygmy Goats

Looking for a unique pet? Then get a pygmy goat for the family as long as you have access to a large outdoor area.

These critters are fun, easy to handle, and love to play which makes them popular with kids. If you bring one home, you must build a three-sided enclosure so they’re protected from the elements and have somewhere to rest.

In terms of diet, pygmy goats love grass, fruit, and veggies so they get their vitamin A and D. You must also offer a quarter cup of grains but avoid overfeeding them as they require less food than larger goats.

Sea Monkeys

Brine shrimp, otherwise known as sea monkeys, are a great low-maintenance pet especially if you have little space.

You simply need to feed them once a week and wash the tank every month. Plus, kids love the responsibility of owning sea monkeys and will often stare at them for hours.

Those Are the Best Pets for Your Family

Hopefully, after reading this article, you now know the best pets.

Households will benefit from bringing a cat, dog, or guinea pig into the lives as they’re fantastic companions. If you have less space, try getting a rabbit, fish, or sea monkey so you can still enjoy owning a pet. Have fun!

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