What You Need to Consider Before Adopting a Cat

adopting a cat

If you love animals, particularly cats, you’re not alone! 25% of households in the US have cats. This makes for a lot of fluffy feline companionship!

But if you’ve yet to join the ranks of those 1 in 4 Americans who currently share their home with a pet cat, you may have some questions before you adopt.

Adopting a cat is a big decision, one with consequences for you and your family. Read on for some important things to consider before you opt to adopt.

Adopting a Cat

If you want to adopt a cat but think it wise to do a little research first, you’re making a great decision! Cat ownership is not as simple as bringing home a kitten and letting it roam free. There are many things to think about before you adopt.

Time Commitment

Do you have the time for a new pet? Daily care like feeding, watering, and cleaning out the litterbox takes time. Some cats may have a reputation as being standoffish, but they do need playtime and socialization with you. Indoor cats can live up to 14 years! Before adopting a cat, be sure you are ready to invest for the long haul.


Beyond the initial cost of adoption, you must also consider the cost of food, toys, litter, supplies, and veterinary care. If your cat gets sick or requires grooming services, all those little costs can add up. Make sure you are financially secure before adopting a cat.

Other Family Members

If you have other family members, you may want to consider whether the addition of a cat is a good idea. Do you have other pets? Babies? People with allergies? These realities should play a role in your decision-making.

Before You Adopt

Before you adopt a cat, you might want to consider other options to try it out. Fostering, cat-sitting, or working at an animal shelter are all good options to get your feet wet. This way you can see if cat ownership is truly right for you.

How to Adopt a Cat

If you are ready to adopt a cat, your next question is likely: how? The first step is figuring out what kind of cat you’re interested in adopting.

Types of Cats

There are many popular cat breeds. Some top cat breeds to consider include the following: Siamese, Birman, Sphynx, Russian Blue, Persian, Maine Coon, Ragdoll, Bengal Cat, and Abyssian.

Where to Adopt a Cat

After you chose what type of cat you’d like to adopt, the next best step is to do a search of reputable cat breeders in your area. You can also look for a rescue center for a specific breed.

Ask friends and family where they got their cats! Make sure that your cat dealer or rescue center is knowledgeable and trustworthy. They should be able to provide you with health information about the cat, as well as information about its history and breeding.

What Comes Next

You might be asked to fill out an application or provide more information about why you want to adopt a cat. This shouldn’t be too hard! After all, you’ve already thought deeply about adopting a cat.

After the application process, you should be able to bring your new feline friend home for good!

A Serious but Joyful Decision

Deciding whether or not to adopt a cat is a serious decision, but that doesn’t mean adopting a cat can’t be a joyful one!

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