8 Essential Tips for New Cat Owners

tips for new cat owners

You can’t beat having a cat in the house.

Heck, humans first domesticated them thousands of years ago! Clearly, they have been, and always will be, an amazing addition to any household.

It comes as no surprise, then, that a staggering 43 million families around America own one.

After all, cats are cuddly and lovable sources of comfort for anyone who has them around. Have you just become the latest lucky household to bring a cat into the family?

Well, you might benefit from some tips for new cat owners.

There’s no double that you’re going to have a whale of a time loving, cuddling and playing with your new kitten! However, owning a cat for the first time isn’t without its trials.

With a steep learning curve involved, knowing how to care for them properly is essential. We want to help! Are you looking for advice for first-time cat ownership?

Well, keep reading for 8 top tips on doing it right!

1. Choose a Great Vet ASAP

One of the first things you need to do is find a vet.

In an ideal world, they’ll be high-quality and close to home. That means you can get to the vet as soon as an issue arises. More importantly, though, you know your cat is in good hands.

Do some online research and ask your friends and family for recommendations.

Once you’ve settled on the very, be sure to book the kitty in for a wellness check. You want to make sure the cat is in good health, as well as arranging the necessary vaccinations.

Moreover, introducing a cat to the vet in the early days will help the cat feel more comfortable with them.

2. Buy the Right Gear

Bringing a cat into the home is similar to having a child.

You need to prepare the house for their arrival. A key step involved here is buying them all the kitty gear required to keep them happy. The bad news for your bank balance is that there’s quite a lot to invest in!

Think food (more on this later), bowls, litter trays, scratching post, collar, cat carrier, a cat proof fence, a grooming brush, cat bed, and masses of toys!

This might sound like a lot. But it’s worth pointing out that most of this gear is a) a one-time purchase and b) essential for providing adequate care for your new cat.

3. Don’t Forget the ID Tag!

Cats are independent little blighters.

They love to roam! Give them access to the outdoors and they’ll be off and exploring for hours at a time, hunting, exploring, and marking their territory.

This is actually a lovely part of cat ownership. Unlike dogs, for example, you don’t need to keep an eye on them all the time.

Alas, there are times when their independence backfires. Sometimes, they’ll go too far and get lost! Having an ID tag is essential to help the people bring them home.

Make sure you get a collar that breaks away if it gets caught on something; have a tag with the cat’s name and your contact details on it. Want to go one step further? Implant a microchip for enhanced levels of identification.

4. Don’t Be Overbearing

It’s worth re-emphasizing the independent nature of cats.

Once again: cats don’t have the same needs as dogs!

They don’t need constant companionship, to be kept on a lead outside, and/or to be constantly prevented from running away. Instead, once they reach a certain age, they’ll relish in the freedom of your home and garden.

Allow them to roam and exercise their primal instincts. The cat will come to you whenever it wants and needs some love.

5. Remember to Groom Them

Cats do, however, need to be groomed on a regular basis.

For one thing, they revel in both the attention and sensation of being brushed and combed. However, all that grooming serves a dual purpose.

You’ll benefit too! After all, any fur you brush off in the garden won’t fall on your floors. Likewise, regular grooming will help you avoid pesky problems such as fleas and ticks.

Having a regular grooming routine means you can spot any issues early on, preventing them from worsening.

6. Choose the Perfect Cat Food

Cat food is important to get right.

The quality of the food varies dramatically between brands. Furthermore, there are different types of food designed for cats of specific ages and breeds.

It’s your job, as the owner, to find appropriate food for your new cat. We’d always recommend paying more for higher quality food as well.

Remember to speak to your vet if you get stuck on this decision. They’ll be able to point you in the right direction.

7. Play With Them

Cats are playful by nature!

Make sure you supply them with plenty of toys to keep them amused.

More importantly, though, carve out the time to play with them. Not only will this help you bond with the cat, but it will ensure they stay happy and entertained during the day.

8. Keep the Litter Tray Clean and Tidy

Here’s a point on cleanliness to finish.

It goes without saying that you should clean out your cat’s litter tray. However, it’s important to do this unenviable task on a regular basis. Aim to do it once a week to prevent nasty smells from forming.

Remove the clumps and lay new litter every other day. Then, at a certain point, each week try and perform a ‘deep clean’. Replace the litter, wash out the tray; put new litter in it when the tray had dried out.

Remember These Tips for New Cat Owners

Humans first fell in love with cats thousands of years ago!

And things haven’t changed in the years since. These days, tens of millions of American households have at least one cat as part of the family.

However, as amazing as it is to own a cat, bringing one home for the first time can be a learning curve, to say the least. Hopefully, the tips for new cat owners in this post will ensure both you and the cat get off to the perfect start.

Looking for more articles like this one? Check out the cat section on our blog!

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