Here’s How Often You Should Take Your Dog to the Groomer

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Every dog has different grooming needs. It’s important to keep your dog well-groomed for his health and comfort. So, how often should you take your dog to the groomer?

This will heavily depend on the type of dog you have and the length and texture of his hair. Take a look at this quick guide on what you need to know about grooming your dog.

Short-Haired Dogs

Short-haired dogs are often easier to groom than long-haired dogs, but that doesn’t mean their coats don’t need attention. Short-haired dogs still benefit from regular brushing.

What owners don’t often realize is that short hairs can become caught in their undercoats and that can lead to irritation. Regular brushing will remove any short hairs that have been shed.

Short-haired dogs will need to be bathed every six to twelve weeks. Dogs with particularly oily skin can benefit from a bath more frequently.

Long-Haired Dogs

Not surprisingly, long-haired dogs need more attention when it comes to grooming. They often need to be brushed daily to avoid tangles, which can become painful mats when left for too long.

Most long-haired or curly-haired dogs need to visit a groomer every six weeks, not only for a thorough bath but also to be cut and shaved if necessary. Take a look at this poodle mix grooming guide for an idea of what to expect from a long-haired dog.

It’s a good idea to bathe your dog at home between grooming visits if your dog has long hair. This is to remove any excess dirt picked up on walks and ensure you find any ticks or fleas present. Fleas are often more prone to long-haired dogs because it’s easier to jump and hold onto longer hair than shorter hair.

Using a flea shampoo, along with monthly flea treatments will give your dog the protection he needs.

Choosing Your Groomer

Your dog has to feel comfortable with your chosen groomer. When your dog is relaxed, the whole process will be smooth for everyone. It can take up to a year for your groomer to establish a method that suits your dog.

It’s about figuring out a regime that works for the dog, the groomer, and the family. Once you’re in the swing of things, appointments are often effortless and a relaxed, comfortable dog will return home to you.

How Often Should You Take Your Dog to the Groomer?

The more you take your dog to the groomer, the easier it will be to spot the signs of when you need to book your next appointment.

Answering “how often should you take your dog to the groomer?” is often best left to your chosen groomer. Once your dog has been groomed several times, you’ll begin to understand his needs better.

For great tips on caring for your pets, take a look at more of our articles.

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