A Simple Guide on How to Groom a Cat

how to groom a cat

Did you know that there are more than 50 million stray cats in the US alone? Only a small number of cats are brought to shelters and just 25 percent of them get adopted by loving pet owners. If you’ve always wanted a cat, now it would be a good time to get one.

Just imagine how much time you can spend playing with your cat, petting its fur, and even learn how to groom a cat.¬†You’ll develop a better relationship with your cat by grooming it regularly. Keep reading to learn everything about grooming your cat.

Be Gentle

Remember that cats can take some time before they get accustomed to grooming. It’s important to be gentle and not use force when grooming your cat.

Start with several minutes per day and pet your cat regularly to build up its tolerance. After you have finished the grooming session, you can offer treats to your cat to help her feel more relaxed next time.

Use a Comb for Long-Haired Cats

There are multiple cat breeds out there and they have different types of fur. It’s best to groom your long-haired cat when he or she is relaxed.

Use a comb and gently move it along the cat’s neck. This is where cats love to be petted and the comb you use can help it get used to the process.

When the cat is comfortable enough, you can continue with the other areas of the head as well as the back of the cat.

Use a Rubber Brush for Short-Haired Cats

If your cat has short hair, it’s probably best to use a rubber brush. These are available at most pet stores and they come in various colors and designs. As mentioned earlier, behind with the neck of the cat as well as behind the ears.

Move the brush gently just as if you want to give a massage to your furry friend. Once your cat becomes accustomed to brushing, you might be able to use special scissors to give a lion cut for your cat and make it look as attractive as possible!

Use Pet Shampoo If You Want to Give Your Cat a Bath

Although house cats don’t get as dirty as stray ones, they could definitely benefit from a warm bath. Make sure that you use pet-friendly shampoo and ensure that the bathroom is warm enough. You can also bathe your cat in a large bowl if it doesn’t really like the bathtub. Be gentle and begin by accustoming your cat to warm water. Pet your cat from time to time to assure it that there’s nothing to be worried about.

Stop If Your Cat Doesn’t Like to Be Groomed

In some cases, a cat can show signs of discomfort when being groomed. For example, it might make sudden moves with the head in the direction of your hand or brush. In worst-case scenarios, cats might hiss at you and even attempt to hurt you. These are surefire signs that you should stop and leave the cat grooming to a professional.

Now You Know How to Groom a Cat

This article provided you with the basics when it comes to how to groom a cat. It’s time to put these tips into practice. Again, make sure that you’re extra patient with your cat and don’t do anything it doesn’t like.

For more useful tips on how to behave with your furry friend, check out the other articles on our website!

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