Pet CBD Tincture: 7 Huge Benefits of Giving Animals CBD

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Have you heard about Dodger the dog?

Avengers star Chris Evans rescued Dodger from an animal shelter back in 2018. Since the adoption, fans have enjoyed seeing the stories Evans posts about his loveable pooch. Whether they’re cuddling on the couch, or out hitting the town, it’s fun watching these 2 be together.

If you love your animal as much as Evans loves his dog, then you understand that pets are an irreplaceable part of the family. To give your pet the best quality of life possible, you’ll need to learn about pet CBD tincture. Instead of turning to harmful prescriptions, you’ll be able to offer your pet a holistic approach to healthier living.

Read on to find out about 7 benefits of giving animals CBD.

1. Anxiety Treatment

First, using a pet CBD tincture can help your animal work through feelings of anxiety. CBD works particularly well for dogs that are dealing with anxiety.

You can tell when a dog’s anxious because they’ll show it in their behaviors. Barking, destructive chewing, or urinating inside, are all ways dogs can display anxiety.

Luckily, by introducing your dog to CBD, you can begin to curb their anxiety. As anxiety levels lessen, your dog will be able to enjoy feelings of calmness, in situations that used to cause fear.

Moving forward, you should start to see the anxiety behaviors begin to fall away. Soon enough, you’ll be able to leave the house and return home to a happy tail-wagging dog, instead of a distraught mess.

2. CBD for Animals Is Custom Made

A big advantage of getting CBD for animals is that the dosage will be custom made. It’s true, you could get CBD for humans and use it on your pet. However, to get the best results, you’ll want to get a CBD product made especially for the type of animal you own.

For instance, if you have a horse, you can find more information here about CBD horses. If you have a dog, you’ll want to go to a CBD provider that caters to dogs, and so on. By choosing pet-specific CBD products, you’ll be able to find a product that has the right dose.

3. Treat Infections

If your pet has an infection, the first thing you’ll need to do is take them to the vet. However, after your vet prescribes medicine, ask them if it’s okay to start giving your pet CBD as well.

New research is revealing that CBD may better, at fighting off infections than antibiotics. During the studies, scientists began testing CBD’s ability to destroy bacteria.

The tests took place on animal models, and the results were astounding. It turns out CBD was able to keep up with brand name antibiotics when it came to fighting off major infections like staphylococcus or strep throat.

In as little as 3 hours, CBD was able to start killing off the dangerous bacterias. In comparison, name brand antibiotics usually take 6-8 hours to be effective.

4. Give Antibiotics an Advantage

You might be wondering, “If CBD is so effective, why to give my pet antibiotics at all?”. First, you should always give your pet the medications your vet recommends.

However, another reason to double up is that when you combine antibiotics with CBD, the results are incredible. It turns out that CBD enjoys working with antibiotics to produce the best results.

After entering your system, the CBD disrupts the biofilm layer that surrounds the bacteria. By disrupting the biofilm layer the antibiotic can penetrate through and kill the bacteria.

5. Create a Healthy Appetite

Is your pet having problems maintaining a healthy appetite? Or are they dealing with nausea that’s interrupting their desire to eat? There’s a wide variety of things that can disrupt a pet’s appetite.

A lack of appetite could be a symptom of a pressing medical problem. Other times, if your pet isn’t hungry, it could be because of a new medication they’re taking.

Once you notice your pet isn’t eating as much as they used to, or they’re vomiting, visit your vet. Your vet will work with you to identify what’s causing the lack of appetite. After creating a treatment plan, ask your vet if you can add CBD oils to the treatment plan.

6. Pain Management

There are steroids, opioids, antihistamines, and other medications available for animal pain management. Nevertheless, a lot of prescription medications come with negative side effects. For instance, opioids cause constipation for most users, humans, and animals alike.

Constipation alone can be a painful experience for your pet. However, when you add the pain of constipation on top of whatever discomfort they had in the first place, the results can be disastrous. Before you know it a simple problem, prescription medications can make a simple problem worse.

Instead of turning to unhealthy prescriptions, talk to your vet about using CBD for pain management instead. Once you start using CBD for pain management, follow the dosing guide. No matter how much pain your pet is in, you don’t want to overload their bodies.

What should you do if your pet needs more CBD to help with pain? It’s always best to gradually increase dosage amounts with your vet’s recommendations.

7. Slow Tumor Growth

Studies show that CBD can slow down tumor growth for certain types of cancer. For example, CBD is particularly effective at slowing down tumors from pancreatic cancer.

In addition to slowing tumor growth, CBD products can also help treat the side effects of cancer and or cancer treatments. If your pet is experiencing nausea, pain, or sleeplessness because of their cancer, CBD could help ease these discomforts.

Start Using a Pet CBD Tincture

Now you know how a pet CBD tincture can benefit your pet. Don’t wait for your pet to have a problem with the stock up on CBD. Go ahead and find a pet-specific CBD product today that you can have ready to go!

For more ways to keep yourself, and your pet happy, we can help. Go ahead and check out another one of our articles today.

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