Professional Pet Grooming vs DIY: 5 Reasons to Go With the Pros

professional pet groomer

Did you know that pet grooming is a multi-billion-dollar industry? While deciding to entrust your dog to a groomer can be a scary process, but it is well worth it. Dog groomers make grooming less stressful not only for you but for your dog as well.

So, keep reading to find out why you should stick with professional pet grooming instead of trying it yourself.

1. Appropriate Grooming Supplies

You get your hair professionally cut because the stylist has the tools and skills to successfully cut your hair. Well, the same is true for dog groomers. Your dog’s coat will determine what supplies get used as brushes, shampoos, and shavers will differ from dog to dog.

You might worry about finding the best dog groomer for your furry friend, but luckily you can quickly deduce if a groomer is right for you and your needs by asking them a few questions before making a booking.

2. A Professional Groomer Can Detect Problems

One of the benefits of professional pet grooming is that groomers are familiar with dog anatomy and will be able to notice any issues with your dog’s skin or gums. These abnormalities might be early signs of illness or problems with your dogs’ diet.

A groomer will also be able to notice if your dog has parasites that might not be the easiest to spot.

3. Nail Trimming

Trimming your dogs’ nails once a month is essential, but nail trimming is usually a dreaded task. Dogs rarely enjoy getting their nails trimmed, which makes it even more difficult, and you can end up cutting a nail too short if your dog is extra wriggly.

Dog groomers know all the tricks needed to get your dogs’ nails trimmed quickly and efficiently, which in turn causes less stress for your pup.

4. A Proper Massage

Just like with humans, you need to know how a dog’s muscle groups look and work to give them a truly relaxing massage. Massages can help de-stresses your pet and stimulate your dog’s circulatory system, which you won’t be able to do at home without extensive research (and possibly trial and error!).

5. The Icky Stuff

If you can truthfully say you prefer cleaning your pet’s anal glands instead of paying someone to do it, then we applaud you. Luckily for the rest of us, professional groomers are equipped with the skills and know-how to take care of these unpleasant (but extremely necessary!) tasks.

A professional will also be able to remove fleas and ticks, and they can turn your muddy or skunked dog back into your furry friend.

Choose Professional Pet Grooming

Professional pet grooming services exist to make your, and your dogs’, life easier. So keep your dog healthy and happy by trusting professionals to take care of them for you.

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