A Guide To Pet-Friendly Furniture

pet friendly furniture

Pets are a joy to have in the house. Their companionship helps you to overcome stress and depression. However, owning a pet is not without its responsibilities. Such as feeding, bathing, and cleaning after your pet.

The cleaning can sometimes become very annoying since pets leave their hair, coats, nail, fur, and drool on your furniture. With pets running around the house, it can be challenging to keep furniture looking neat and tidy.

There can be times when your pet leaves stains on the upholstery, from couches to pillows. You cannot lock your pets in a room to protect your furniture from damage since they are part of your family.

The best way to preserve the condition of your furniture and overcome these challenges is to purchase pet-friendly furniture. For your convenience, the following guide can help you to choose pet-friendly furniture for your home. Let’s get started.

7 Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Pet-Friendly Furniture

The term “pet-friendly furniture” refers to furniture that can withstand shedding coats, paws, mud, and other items that pets may bring. If it is your first-time purchasing pet-friendly furniture, this guide provides the best tips on selecting the perfect piece.

1.    Material of The Furniture

In choosing pet-friendly furniture fabrics, you should select materials with smooth and shiny surfaces. There is less likelihood of fur being attracted to these fabrics. A number of different materials, such as polyurethane, polyester, leather, denim, and silk, help make furniture hair-free.

Furthermore, when selecting furniture for the living room, consider stain-resistant fabrics. Among the best options are Microfiber, Ultrasuede, and Crypton. These fabrics are stain-resistant and easily washable.

The best option is to choose leather or the cruelty-free leather option. There are durable and easy to maintain, and the nails of the puppy will usually only cause minor scratches to them.

2.    Choose a Sturdy Wooden Chair

It is also important to consider chair selection because not every chair is ideal for pet-friendly furniture.

Jumping over chairs is a favorite pastime of dogs when they play or feel excited. When the chairs are not sufficiently sturdy, they are likely to fall, injuring the pet and damaging your belongings. For this reason, it is important to ensure that your furniture sets are sturdy that don’t fall off easily with a slight push.

A classic wooden chair is the best choice for a pet-friendly home. The base of the seat should be wide enough to support the weight of the seat, thus providing the required degree of stability. Pets cannot scratch the wooden material; therefore, less fur is shed.

Another thing to consider for your furniture is if your pet creates a mess beneath or behind the furniture, think about purchasing an under couch blocker.

3.    Color of The Furniture

Color selection is a fairly straightforward process. Generally, it would be best to avoid white and cream-colored furniture as they attract dirt more quickly. Ivory couches shouldn’t be purchased unless you have a well-trained dog and all the time in the world to clean the furniture.

You may wish to invest in a slipcover or some darker throw blankets if you need white furniture. Several slipcovers are available in various fun colors and patterns made of high-quality fabrics.

What is the best color combination? Darker colors are preferable. There is no need to use black. For pet-friendly furniture, brown, gray, and green are the most common colors. Furniture that has small blocks of patterns on it also helps to conceal any dirt or hair.

4.    Find The Perfect Design

Some pets consider furniture legs perfect for chewing and scratching. The wooden legs of the furniture are very appealing to pets for nibbling and chewing. Buying furniture with metal legs is the ideal solution to this problem. The legs of these chairs are less appealing and more difficult to damage.

5.    Buy Furniture With Zippers

When purchasing pet-friendly furniture, it is important to ensure that the cushions have zippers. All cushions, regardless of their size, should be equipped with zippers.

With a zipper on a couch, you can easily access and clean any area that may have become stained by pets. This means that if a small section of the furniture cover becomes dirty, you do not have to clean the whole furniture, just that small section, by removing it with the help of the zipper.

The zippers on the couch cushions also allow us to remove the covers for dry cleaning when they become dirty. Without zippers, that will not be possible. It is also important to pay attention to the quality of zippers.

6.    Find Machine-Washable Bedsheets and Covers

If you own a pet, you can expect to spend a considerable amount of time cleaning the house. Pets have the greatest impact on bedding and pillow covers. They will likely be soiled or, in some cases, pooped on.

Furthermore, they will collect a substantial amount of fur shed by pets. For this reason, regular cleaning is essential to keeping them in good condition and the space in which they are located.

By selecting bedding and covers that are machine washable, it is easy to maintain the cleanliness of the house. The only thing you need to do is take them to the dry cleaners for cleaning.

7.    Invest in a Pet-Friendly Space

Getting your pets their comfy furniture is another great way to keep them away from your furniture. If you provide your pet with a comfortable alternative to the couch or chair, he or she may be discouraged from climbing up on that.

Ensure your pet has an attractive bed and scratching post that matches your decor. For scratching purposes, a post spiked with catnip is always a better option than a sofa covered in fabric. Place the pet bed strategically so that it is within your sight in case you want to overlook your pet.


No matter how much damage their pets cause to the furniture, pet owners love their furry ‘best friends.’ The best way to resolve the conflict between your pet and your furniture is to purchase pet-friendly furniture.

Don’t forget to check back in with us for more helpful tips for pet parents.

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