10 Things You Can Do To Make Your Home More Animal-Friendly

pet friendly home

When thinking of becoming a paw parent, you have to realize that there will be major adjustments to your current living situation. Your home is one aspect that should adapt to having an additional member of the family.

Almost the same as having a baby where baby-proofing is a top priority, ensuring that you have a pet-friendly home is a must when a furbaby is on the way.

Here are 10 things you can do to make your home more animal-friendly.

1. Choose Durability over Beauty

We all want to have that picture perfect home, expensive wall to wall carpet, and softwood floors. Sadly, you have to put these aside when you have pets at home unless you want to see them full of scratches or stains.

Entryways and common rooms should have easy-to-clean ceramic tiles on and hardwood floors can be used in the less frequented areas. Rugs or carpets, if you must have one, should be as inexpensive as possible.

No matter how hard you try to clean up after your pet, your stuff will never be the same!

2. Opt for Sturdy and Pet-Friendly Furniture

When choosing furniture, easy-to-clean and stain resistant upholstery is a must. Leather or faux leather ones may be fur resistant but not scratch proof so do not spend too much money on it.

There are now furniture covers that are designed to stand against the wear and tear due to having pets around but these sure do come at a price!

3. Do Not Leave Stuff Lying Around

Cats cannot discern if something is off limits. Most of the time, they would mistakenly chew on your stuff thinking it is intended for their pleasure.

That is why you have to keep your valuables out of their way. Medicines, plants, small decors, and anything poisonous should be hidden or placed above the snout level.

4. Pick Toys That Do Not Make a Mess

The last thing you want is for your pet to have the exact weapon to wreak havoc to your home. Food-like treats should be left outside where there is no furniture to stain.

Catnip balls are fine so long as you let your pet play on one corner to avoid having to pick up catnip flakes everywhere.

5. Build a Pet Area near an Entry

With dogs and cats who have a knack for the outdoors, you have to deal with the trail they leave behind. Dirt and debris will be all over the place!

While it is recommended to create an outdoor cat shelter, it is also wise to put a small corner for your pet near the entry. Do not forget to put a mat to catch those mud before they get smeared all over the house.

Space could also be where the leashes and toys could be hanged and where the treats and towels could be stored.

6. Pets Should Be Groomed Regularly

You may keep your furniture free from fur and dirt by keeping your furry friend clean. A regular visit to the groomers may not be your pet’s favorite thing to do but it sure does save you from cleaning up a lot of mess.

Remember, a clean pet is a clean house!

7. Trash Cans Should Have Lids

Pets, especially dogs, tend to go through trash bins. If you want to avoid waking up to trash plastered all over your place, you better get a tall trash can with lids.

In no way should your trash cans obstruct your pet’s way. Store them behind a cabinet to prevent your pet from knocking them over.

8. Screen Windows Are Advised

This is especially important if you have cats. It can get too hot and humid during the summer that you might want to put the windows up.

Before you do that, make sure that you have screen windows installed. A high rise syndrome is a real thing.

You do not want your pet to fall over and get hurt, do you? Pets love to peer out of the window and it is your responsibility to check if your pet is safe and secured while getting that breath of fresh air.

9. Provide a Safe Space for Play and Mess

Pets need to have that sanctuary where they feel safe to play and mess around. By giving them their own play zone, you limit the possibility of messing up the whole house.

A designated play space which your pet knows is suitable for playtime can be a great help in tidying up your home. Toys could be stored neatly away from people’s view but should be easily accessible.

10. Prepare the Throne

An important aspect of having pets at home is ensuring that they have their own comfy beds as part of their personal space. Train your pets to sleep in their own beds and not on the floor.

When choosing a bed, pick one that is made of high-quality materials with wide enough space for them to relax and unwind. A bed that matches your interiors wouldn’t hurt too!

Turn Your Home Into Paradise For Your Pet!

If you have any more tips on making your home more animal-friendly, please share them in the comments section below.

-written by Miranda LaSala
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