The Brief Guide That Makes Creating a More Pet Friendly Home Simple

pet friendly home

While you love your pets like family, it can be frustrating to find dirt and hair or to have to repair broken decor animals bump into. This can make your home feel like a zoo and while posing a hazard to your pet.

It’s crucial to design your home in a way that keeps your interior nice while ensuring the safety and wellbeing of your pets.

Not sure how to design a pet-friendly home? Keep reading for some of the most effective tips to keep your beloved friend and home safe from harm.

Check for Hazards

Much like baby-proofing a home, you’ll want to find and fix any hazardous areas that your pet could encounter. This includes moving harmful cleaning products or hiding wires pets could chew on and become tangled in.

Also, you’ll also want to ensure your garbage can is out of reach and has a lid. Dogs and cats can get into the trash and eat bones or other harmful food scraps that can be toxic.

Finally, you’ll need to do your research on plants you may have. Some indoor flowers, like holiday poinsettias, can be toxic to cats and dogs. It’s detrimental to research your foliage before bringing it home.

Give Them Their Own Space

When creating a pet-proof home, it’s vital to give your four-legged friend their own space to retreat to and relax. This also includes enough room to run around and get their energy out.

Giving your pets their own space can help them stay calm during moments of stress. Blue Chip K9 can teach you how to train your dog to return to their area when guests arrive at your home to prevent excitement.

You’ll want to give them a designated space, complete with an appropriately sized bed, toys, and other comfort items like blankets or pillows.

Choose the Right Materials

As a smart homeowner, you’ll need to be able to pick the best fabrics and materials for your pet-filled home.

One of the best tips to keep your home clean despite having pets is to pick a fabric that matches the color of your dog’s or cat’s fur. This helps to prevent your material from being visibly covered in pet hair.

When it comes to your floors, try to avoid carpet if possible. Wood or tile floors are much easier to clean when accidents happen. Carpet retains odor and stains, making your home look unsightly.

A Pet-Friendly Home for Your Furry Friend

Being a pet parent can be stressful at times. Trying to ensure the safety of an animal that relies on you for care is a big responsibility! Luckily, an easy way to ensure their wellbeing is to pet-proof your home.

Whether you like to keep your interior sleek and chic or you have a more sustainable home, there are easy ways to ensure your pet is safe and comfortable.

If you found this guide on creating a pet-friendly home helpful, be sure to visit the rest of our website for more informative pet care content.

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