A Simple Guide On How To Prepare Your Dog For Boarding

how to prepare dog for boarding

A dog owner should be aware of the best ways to prepare their pet for boarding at a kennel or pet hotel. Boarding your dog can seem like a great idea when you realize that you will need to take an extended trip, and they can’t tag along. It is important that your dog is prepared so they have the best experience while being boarded, which ensures they are happy and healthy upon returning home.

If this is something you are considering, here are some tips on properly preparing your pup for boarding at a kennel or pet hotel.

Prepare Your Pet Beforehand

When you know, you will be leaving your dog at a pet hotel for an upcoming trip, set aside some private time with them so they can get used to the idea. Show them a favorite toy or treat and offer it one by one while saying “goodbye” in a happy voice.

Once your pet realizes that these treats will no longer be available when you leave, he’ll have a better understanding of what is happening. Afterward, continue giving your pooch these items while saying goodbye whenever you prepare for a journey.

A day before you’re scheduled to depart on your trip, take him for a drive into town and purchase his favorite treats from his local pet store or other places that sell quality dog treats. This allows him to get used to that place and all of the interesting smells that await them, turning their attention away from your departure.

Wait until he’s sleeping before taking him back home, so they aren’t too sad during his last night with you. The next day makes sure you take plenty of time for breakfast together; this is an important bonding time for you both.

So You Leaveā€¦ Doggie Daycare

When leaving your pup at the kennel or pet hotel, be sure to tell them what a fun time they will have while there and how much attention they’ll receive. It may help another family member or close friend accompany your dog on his first visit since this can help ease some of the anxiety and stress they may feel.

When you know your dog will remain at the kennel for a few days, leave a towel with your scent on it so he will have something familiar.

The first day at the kennel can be an intimidating experience for both you and your dog, especially if it’s his first time staying overnight at one. It’s important to leave him in good hands to ensure he receives the best care possible.

Ask about staff training or their attitude when dealing with animals because this is an essential part of any business that boards pets. Now that you know how to prepare your pet for boarding take some time to consider where you would like them to stay during your extended trip.

When It’s Time To Return Home

Depending on the length of your stay, you may not get to return home for a few days. When it is time to head back, take some treats so your pet can practice being rewarded while he’s there. You could also bring a familiar toy or blanket from home, associated with positive emotions and comforting smells.

The more they associate their kennel stay with fun and happy things, the better they’ll handle future stays when you need them! If it’s been a long trip, then play some distant family member videos that they’ve been missing over Skype or Facetime, so they have some idea of what’s going on around your house while they’ve been away.

It is important that you’re prepared before leaving on an extended journey to keep your pet safe and happy. You can rest assured that your pup will have a pleasant time away from home by following these tips.

Feel Confident When Boarding Your Dog

As a pet parent, being away from your fur baby can be really stressful. Not only can these steps prepare your pup, but they can also make you feel better about the situation, too.

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