7 Tips for Traveling With a Pet to Remember for Your Next Trip

traveling with a pet

Traveling with your furry friend is a tough decision to make. No matter how calm and friendly your pet is, they’ll probably get restless at one point in the journey and become a nightmare. But it can be fun for both of you if you do things right.

Aside from the pet behavior, there are authorities to comply with. You also have to consider the welfare of the people around you so that your pet doesn’t become a nuisance to them. Traveling with a pet entails much more than the eye can see.

But it doesn’t have to be impossible as long as you prepare both the pet and yourself for the journey. Follow these seven tips and have an easier time the next time you plan to travel with your pet.

1. Prepare Your Pet for the Journey

If you’re traveling with a dog for the first time, you need to prepare them for the long journey ahead. Schedule days to take them out for short drives and increase the duration of the drive gradually. If you’re going to use the crate, put them in during the short drives so that they get used to it as well.

If you’re going to travel by air, take a walk at the terminal stations so that they get familiar with the smells and sounds of the environment. Don’t forget to reward them whenever they behave well on the rehearsals to enhance the behavior.

2. Crate Your Pet

Even if you have the calmest pet in the world, you need to crate the pet. Make sure you get an IATA approved dog crate for traveling. Also, consider the comfort of your furry friend inside the crate.

When shopping, make sure you get a carrier or a crate large enough so that your pet can sleep, sit, or stand with ease. Kleinmetall has comfortable dog carriers that will make your dog’s life easier during the entire trip. Ensure you secure the crate well so that it doesn’t shake or slip when the vehicle moves.

You can go the extra miles to make the crate comfortable by including absorbent bedding. Freeze a bowl of water so the pet can drink when thirsty. Remember to attach some dry food to the crate for your pet to feed on when they feel hungry.

3. Prepare Pet Identification

Traveling with pets means you’re going to have their identification separate from yours. You must ensure your pet has a name tag on the collar for easier identification. The tag should contain the name, address, and cellphone number.

For more enhanced safety, you can microchip your pet. This is a permanent identification that your pet will not break free from. If you did that before, always confirm that the information is correct before your departure date.

4. Prepare the Documentation for Traveling With a Pet

There are important documents you need to travel with your pet and you must prepare them before the departure date. Make sure you have an updated medical history for your buddy. You can take a photo and store them on your phone for reference.

Check with your state of destination for the type of documents they need for the pet. These may include certified Veterinary Inspection, emotional support documentation, proof of rabies vaccine, or Official Health Certification. Don’t forget to pass by the vet a few days before you travel to confirm that the pet is in good condition to travel.

5. Check All the Requirements for Traveling With a Pet

The rules and regulations for traveling with a cat or a dog vary from state to state. Those from your state may be completely different from your destination state. You don’t want to reach there and end up in trouble with the law for minor offenses.

Check whether taxis agree to carry pets or if you can enter commuter buses with one. Check vaccination requirements, health needs, and quarantine requirements. Visit the official embassy of the state to confirm all the rules.

6. Check Your Airline’s Pet Policy

If you’re traveling on a plane, you must know that air travel has different pet policies than road travel. Call early enough to inquire about all the requirements and restrictions right from the terminal to the plane. If possible, book a direct flight so that you minimize stopovers.

Make different arrangements for cargo travel and in-cabin travel. If you have large animals like cats and dogs, they’ll probably travel at the back. Make sure the environment is friendly.

7. Book a Pet-Friendly Accommodation

Some hotels prohibit pets on their premises. You should not bother them to accept your furry friend if it’s against their policies. Make sure you find a hotel that allows your pet and think about the comfort of these buddies.

Even if the hotel allows pets, you must confirm that it will be comfortable for them. Some hotels set aside particular rooms for pets, but you must be ready to pay extra for these. Also, confirm their specifications on pet size, weight, and type.

Don’t forget to visit the hotel’s website to double-check everything about pet policy before you book. If you don’t understand anything, ask any questions that you have.

Traveling With Your Pet Doesn’t Have to be Stressful

Traveling with a pet should be fun for both of you. But you’ll only make this possible if you prepare yourself and your pet before the D-date. Check all the documentations confirm with the airline and find a suitable hotel.

Well, all these need a lot of planning and preparation, but if you want to have easier travel, then it’s worth the effort you put in. Your pet deserves to enjoy the trip, and you must provide that as a pet parent.

If you want more tips on how to take care of your buddy, we have some amazing tips and tricks. Be sure to read other articles to educate yourself more and give your furry friend the life they deserve.

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