It Is Ok to Share Food With Your Dog? What Vets Have to Say

is it ok to share food with your dog

Did you know that over one-third of households in the U.S. own dogs? With so many dog lovers across America, dogs have become more like family than pets.

Though you may have the urge to share your food with your furry friend, some foods that people eat regularly can harm your dog. Is it ok to share food with your dog? Find out more about sharing food with dogs here:

Is It Ok to Share Food With Your Dog?

Sharing food with your dog is a grey area. Though some foods are fine for both dogs and humans to eat, others are completely off-limits.

You should avoid feeding seasoned foods to your dogs. Not only will seasonings containing salts harm dogs, but other seasonings can even be toxic. Anything seasoned with garlic and onion should be avoided entirely, as these foods can harm your dog’s internal organs and cause severe health problems.

Dairy products can also cause health problems for dogs. Many dogs don’t have the bodily capabilities needed to break down dairy, and so this could lead to abdominal discomfort and digestion issues.

Products containing macadamia nuts, chocolate, caffeine, and grapes should be avoided entirely, as they can lead to massive health issues including diarrhea, vomiting, and kidney failure in dogs.

Because there are so many foods or ways that foods are prepared for people, that can cause harm to your dog, it is best to avoid sharing food with dogs altogether. Though a small piece of table food on occasion will likely not harm your dog, the risk that “people food” poses to dogs far outweighs the reward.

Do Your Research on Fido-Approved Foods

Should dogs eat human food? Well, you should avoid feeding your dog directly from your plate.

But, there are also dog-friendly ways to prepare and share food with your dog if you really want Fido to have a seat at the dinner table.

For instance, if you’re making chicken, and you want to share some with your dog, cook and set aside an unseasoned piece. This not only will be the safest option for your pup, but chicken is also a healthy protein option for your pet.

There are “people foods” that are edible for dogs, including but not limited to: pumpkin, beef, broccoli, rice, and carrots. According to veterinarians, many of these foods contain health benefits that can improve your dog’s overall health and well-being. The key is to prepare these foods for your dog separately to avoid any contamination with foods that may harm them.

If there are foods that you want to feed your dog but have been deemed toxic or off-limits, do your research on what makes them toxic. The odds are that there are versions of the food you have in mind that are OK for dogs to eat.

Can dogs eat marshmallows without getting sick? Not traditionally. However, this is because of an ingredient found in marshmallows that are toxic to dogs.

Finding “people food” options for your dogs is doable, just make sure you check the ingredients first.

Feed Your Dog Safely

Is it ok to share food with your dog? Not directly off your plate, no.

But, can dogs eat human food? Yes, if the food lacks any ingredients that are toxic or harmful.

You want your dog to be happy but also healthy. Finding human food options that lack toxic ingredients can be a great option for any dog owner.

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