How to Keep Your Indoor Cat Entertained?

keep indoor cat entertained

Keeping pets in small apartments isn’t always ideal, but unfortunately, for many people, that is the only option.

If you have an indoor cat, you probably know that even though they are very attached to their living space and have no need to take regular walks like dogs do, they still need to be entertained. 

Here are some ideas on how to keep your dear feline active and entertained if it is spending most of its time in the apartment. 

What Entertains Cats Indoors?

By instinct, cats are used to certain activities and behaviors and will try to practice them in whatever space they happen to live their lives. Cats need to run, climb, scratch, and hunt, and if they are unable to do those things, they will start to feel stressed, depressed, or aggressive. 

That’s why you should do your best to provide your cat with such an environment where it could move, play and not get bored. 


Cat toys can keep your feline mentally stimulated and active. Cats like toys, but you’ll need to be patient and understand what your cat likes. After a while, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to freshen your kitty’s days with some new toys, as cats like changes occasionally. 

Teaser toys are interactive and a great way to spend time bonding with your pet. That kind of play will stimulate your cat to chase and hunt, and it will bring both of you lots of fun.

A good thing is that you don’t have to overthink cats’ toys or look for expensive ones. A simple string, a feather, or a cardboard box can be amazingly entertaining for a cat. And sometimes, any new thing in their environment could become a toy.

You probably understand that that can be a good thing, as much as the bad, so watch out not to leave any new things you don’t want to get scratched or destroyed around your cat. 


Cats need your attention or “social” interaction of any kind. If you have only one pet and are not planning to get any more, make sure you don’t get used to leaving your cat alone for so long, and dedicate some playtime to it during the day when your kitty can feel love and attention. 

Furniture for Cats

Cats just love and need to scratch, so if you don’t want them to ruin your furniture, you better get them their own.

Scratching posts in the shapes of towers and boards are easy to find or even make at home, and if you find some your cat could use for climbing or hiding in, even better. 

Many cat towers are made to be interactive and entertain cats that live indoors. All cats like to climb, and spend their naps on high shelves, so why wouldn’t you make such cool hiding places for them?

If you like to get creative, there are plenty of DIY ideas you could look up to create your cat’s paradise. 

Cardboard Boxes

It might sound silly, but many cats adore a simple cardboard box and can play with it for hours. So, whenever you get any new shoe boxes or anything similar, leave them to your cat a bit for a round of hide and seek. If your cat won’t play with a box, maybe it would find it cozy to take a nap inside. 

Whatever it is, bringing a new object like that into your cat’s space will be so precious and refreshing. 

Cuddles and Grooming 

All cats are different, and not all of them will let you pet them whenever you want, still, most of them would like to be cuddled, brushed, and groomed, so don’t miss the chance to share and appreciate love with them through such activities. 

Some good quality cat products and enrichment come from Petz Park, designed with care exclusively for cats. 

Looking Through a Window

Cats like to watch things move outside of the window, people, birds, and other cats and dogs entertain them. If you can offer a nice view to your cat, make sure it can climb and sit by the window easily and stay safe up there. 

You can get creative here, too, and make your kitty a cozy little lookout place, a tower, or even a small hammock by the window.   

Movies and Video Games

If you still haven’t checked those out, you should. Nowadays, there are many so-called movies for cats that are actually videos of birds coming to the feeder, mice, or other cats playing. It’s incredible how much it will keep your cat’s attention and entertain it. 

What could be even more fun is the interactive video games for cats. There are games showing running mice, fast-moving lights, or similar that your cat will try to follow or chase on the screen.

When playing such things to your cat, make sure you are in control of the situation, as it may jump to your TV or scratch your computer screen.

Puzzles and Cat Treats

One more way to keep a cat entertained indoors is to provide it with some treats and puzzles.

Cats love to eat and solve problems, so you can combine these two activities by hiding some treats in different places or using puzzle toys that require some effort to get the reward.

This will stimulate your cat’s natural curiosity and hunting instincts and also keep it from overheating or getting bored. You can also vary the type and amount of treats you give your cat so it doesn’t get used to them or expect them all the time.


As a responsible cat owner, you must understand that you need to be present and take good care of your cat, especially if it lives only indoors.

Providing a friendly environment where your cat can fulfill all its needs and activities and stay active, stimulated, and healthy is essential. 

Even though cats aren’t as demanding as dogs, playing with them and entertaining them may mean more to their physical and mental health than you thought.  

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